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Jillian Aversa

Jillian Aversa's music, both earthy and ethereal, reflects the awe and passion of timeless nature. Its soul-touching alchemy has attracted attention and multi-award-winning acclaim, deriving from her talent both as a classically trained vocalist and songwriter. With her debut album ORIGINS, Jillian responds to the lack of lyric-centric works in contemporary New Age/World music. Allowing her powerful voice to soar through beds of exotic instrumentation, the album is as much an exploration in text as in sound.

Songs from ORIGINS are being broadcast to more than 8 million listeners worldwide, spanning over 60 stations including XM and Sirius satellite radio - a list that is rapidly growing. The artist has also amassed a passionate fan base online. In the listener-voted music competition, she triumphed over twenty thousand songs to win the $5,000 Grand Prize, and has garnered the New Age/World Prize thrice over. With other awards including third place in the Indie International Songwriting Contest, Mystic Soundscapes' Best of 2007 Award, and dozens of online features, Jillian Goldin is steadily becoming both a critical and popular favorite – and redefining what we think of New Age/World music along the way.