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Asoma Music

About Asoma Music Productions:

Under the direction of Errol Francis (aka Erroll Starr), Asoma Music is expert in crafting original musical soundscape production.For a multitude of uses. Our state-of-the-art recording facility is ready to meet the needs of healing arts industries, yoga studios, spas, wellness centers, filmmakers, television producers, videographers, video game producers and recording artists.

Originally a Hamilton Ontario based music and audio production company, Asoma Music is becoming known not only because of its wonderfully crafted audio production, musical composition, and vibrant personnel. We are uniquely housed in a mammoth tire and concrete structure known as an Earthship, two hours west of Ottawa. The Earthship is a totally sustainable, solar powered thermal mass building. This structure is a recycling dream, built mainly with discarded tires and thousands of pop cans.

Powered by the sun, and totally ecologically sustainable, Asoma Music is truly committed to a healthy planet.

Errol Francis, whose stage name is Erroll Starr, has been a composer, concert singer for over 25 years. Erroll Anthony Starr's eclectic musical taste is a natural evolution of his rich and varied background. With the island rhythms of his native Jamaica as his roots, Erroll's first band was a reggae/R&B band. Living in England and then Canada exposed him to the best of British and North American Pop, Rock and R&B artists.

His experiences as a professional singer/songwriter and engineer/ producer have included pop, rock, country, dance, rap and R&B.

Musical releases include "Temple of Love" in 1985, "From The Inside Out" in 1994, "I'll Learn To Fly" in 1997 and the much talked about CD series "Attune Your Spirit" in 1998.

Erroll's Temple of Love album and accompanying videos for A&M Canada produced 3 hit singles including "Angel". He is a Juno Award winner, recipient of the Socan Song Writer of the Year award, Q107 Toronto Music Award winner and Canadian Black Music Award winner.

Since 1992 with his production studio and company Asoma Music Production, Errol has applied his writer-producer and great audio technical skills to create some award winning radio and television commercials, video projects and film scores. His experiences as a professional producer/engineer and composer have taken him into many genre of music. From his studies of Sound Healing and Physcoacoustic, Errol has expanded his musical passion to include music for the healing arts, yoga and meditation. Errol is a multi instrumentalist and consummate professional in the studio and on the concert stage.

Errol's ability to wear many hats comfortably such as Earthship builder has brought Errol success in many areas, personally and in business.

Schroeder joins Asoma Music bringing with him a reputation for "turning life into a musical." Music flows effortlessly through his blood, making it easy to find within himself the perfect music for any situation. Having composed and produced music for live theatre, film projects, innovative dance troupes and various cd projects, as well as his role as a music teacher, Schroeder is a welcomed addition to the Asoma family.