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Tony Bray

Tony Bray - Soprano saxophone and keyboards
Originally from Tennessee, Tony has spent most of his career wandering the world and playing cover music in clubs, coffee houses, casinos and cruise ships. In 2000 he moved to Los Angeles to focus on writing and playing music that reflects the influence of a lifetime of traveling and studying. For the past several years he has recorded and performed with the Latin jazz group 'Atria.' He also works regularly with his childhood friend Girish Gambhira performing contemporary Kirtan music at Yoga studios and Ashrams.

Brad Rabuchin - Guitar

Since arriving in Los Angeles in 1986 Brad has had quite a successful career as a freelance guitar player working with Buddy Miles, Al Kooper, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Ta Ta Vega, Richard Elliot, Tom Jones and for many years backed up the legendary Ray Charles. He is currently teaching in the LA area as well as promoting his first album "When Smart Dogs Go Bad". Available at

Girish Ghambira - Tablas and Percussion

Girish began his musical career as a jazz drummer, following his deep spiritual longing until it called him to retreat from the world. For five years he lived as a monk in a Hindu monastery. During that time he studied the art of playing the tablas intensively, and immersed himself in the traditions of yoga. Now one of the most sought after session players in the world and sacred music scenes, he has collaborated on recordings with artists Krishna Das, Rasa, Dave Stringer, Wah!, Donna De Lory, Sada Sat Kaur, Snatam, Thomas Barquee, and the producer Michael Brook. With the release in early 2004 of his new chant CD, Reveal, Girish's own finely nuanced compositions and vocal stylings have now moved to the forefront. For more information visit

Michael Barrett - Fretless Bass

Michael's musical journey began in Spokane. WA and has taken him all over the US and Japan, although most of his career has kept him in California. He spent his early years building chops playing and recording with Bay Area bands. While hanging out in the Bay Area he also earned an Associates degree in Music and an N.A.R.A.S degree in Audio Engineering from the College for Recording Arts in San Francisco. More recently, after relocating to Los Angeles, he has performed with and recorded two CDs with Latin Jazz group 'Atria.' The self titled CD Atria as well as Malditos Gringos are both available through and