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Snatam Kaur Khalsa And The Peace Family

Snatam Kaur Khalsa:
Snatam Kaur was born and raised with yoga and meditation as a daily practice as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She received musical training all throughout school in violin, voice, and percussion. Upon graduating high school she lived in India and studied with masters of the Sikh traditional style of music called Gurbani Kirtan. With her meditative practice and musical training she combined these two streams of disciplines into creating devotional music.

She has shared her music throughout the world on Gurbani Kirtan tours to Great Britain, Canada, and India. She has also shared her music in many workshops for people committed to working for social change with an organization founded by her father Sat Santokh Singh which is called Creating Our Future. Creating Our Future has given thousands of people the skills to work for social change with notable speaker/teachers such as Ram Dass and Julia Butterfly.

Snatam received a degree in Biochemistry and now she lives in Eugene Oregon and works as a Food Technologist for Golden Temple, Sunshine, and Yogi Tea. In fact she was in the lab creating Peace Cereals before they became so well known and established in the market place. Her creative capacity has served well as she has created and been a part of launching dozens of new cereals, teas, and cosmetic products. She has been an integral part of the team that established a monthly interfaith service after the tragic events of September 11. She serves as a minister in her local Sikh community and spends much of her time teaching children how to play music.

Snatam has released three major albums and numerous mantra albums with a music group called Peace Family. These albums have focused on spiritually uplifting themes. Specifically one of her most significant releases to date is called “To Heaven and Beyond” which is a collection of mantras from the major religions of the world woven into one beautiful tapestry of music and sound. Her ability to transport people into the realm of the heart and spirit through music is her gift.

Founded by Snatam Kaur, Livtar Singh and GuruGanesha Singh, Peace Family went into the studio in January 2000 to create their first CD. When they started playing, they had so much music to share that they ended up with 2 CDs, To Heaven and Beyond and Reunion.

Carry Us Home, the third CD from Peace Family, features eight incredibly beautiful new songs produced during the Winter and Spring of 2001. Special musical guests include Zoran Todorovic on sarod, guitars, percussion and e-bow; Thomas Barquee on keyboards and vocals; Mike King on bass; Tony Redhouse on percussion; and Susan Rivers on Celtic harp. Carry Us Home was produced and arranged by Liv Singh and Thomas Barquee.