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Jahna began her musical journey as a way to express the emotions flowing through her mind and soul; thus was birthed her most recent solo CD, In The Balance. Ever reaching for a more perfect balance between New World musical vibes and established classical Old World compositions, Jahna's sparkling voice comfortably bridges both banks of this new musical groove.

Singing has always been Jahna's passion. Her first public performance at the age of five charted the way for her many singing experiences to come. Raised in a family where music was constantly playing, Jahna's musical education began in her home.

At 17, Jahna took her first steps into the world of professional singing when Paul Smith, Ella Fitzgerald's music director, accompanied one of her performances. Soon after, Jahna wrote and produced a one-woman cabaret show, appearing in the United States and Southwest England.

Jahna's next adventure brought her to the world of opera and musical theater where she acquired roles as engaging and diverse as Papagena from Mozart's The Magic Flute with L.A. Opera's Christopher Harlan; Peep-Bo from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado, the Dew Fairy and the Sandman from Humperdinck's Hansel and Gretel, and Rosa Bud's ghost with Rupert Holmes in the Tony award winning show Drood.

Furthering her interests in new artistic endeavors, Jahna merged these varied experiences with her budding fascination in world music and spirituality. "I began to realize that my interests in cultural music and rhythms were crying for expression. I was no longer completely satisfied playing the roles of characters, so I found myself on a spiritual quest to discover my new voice. Curiosity and experimentation led me to blend the sounds of world music with my eclectic classical background."

Jahna's exploration was rewarded when her first solo CD, In The Balance, produced a number two single in Japan, while the CD itself charted to number four. This success led Jahna to lend her version of the Lakmé Flower Duet to the 2005/2006 season of Showtime's drama, The L Word, to open designer Sue Wong's extravagant fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles (see the video here), to perform to sold-out crowds at the world-renowned Knitting Factory in Hollywood, and to sing and be interviewed live on the radio on Los Angeles's KPFK 90.7 FM's The Global Village, on Seattle's KZOK 102.5 FM's The Bob Rivers Show, and on Las Vegas's KLAV 1230 AM's SoulSearch.

In addition to all of her many diverse artistic endeavors, Jahna sings lead vocals with Acoustica, a band founded and led by record producer and writer Michael Perricone. Along with Jahna's voice, Acoustica features Tibetan meditation singing bowls, East Indian tabla, Middle Eastern kawala, flute, harmonium, bass, and acoustic guitar. Acoustica continues to delight audiences at yoga studios, wellness centers, and spas. The eponymous CD Acoustica is now available at "Acoustica's music utilizes all of the components of world and classical music combined with original pieces written by Michael. We perform songs in English, Italian, French, Latin, and even Sanskrit, all supported by Michael playing Tibetan singing bowls. It's thrilling to see this music so move and excite people in simple settings. It's a glorious journey!"