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Gurudass with GuruGanesha Singh

When the rock and roll explosion hit the U.S. in the 1960's, Guru Ganesha bought an electric guitar and joined in with boundless enthusiasm.

When he started exploring his spirituality through Sikhism, Guru Ganesha brought his love of Western music to the traditions of his new Eastern lifestyle.

Through the years, Guru Ganesha has spread his personal brand of musical inspiration to people all over the world.

Guru Ganesha was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a Russian Jewish father who worked as a professional comedian/singer and an Irish Catholic mother who was a professional dancer. His early years were filled with song and dance.
Guru Singh began playing music at the age of five, and started his recording career with Warner Bros. Reprise in San Francisco's music revolution of the 1960s.

An advocate of world peace and peace of mind, he's studied and taught Kundalini yoga for the past 32 years - always with his music and chanting which form an integral part of his classes.

Anyone who has attended Summer Solstice Camp in NM will know him from his early morning wake-up song - "Rise Up" - (included in Game of Chants) as he serenades one and all with his guitar.

"Among all the senses, the eyes are linked most strongly to the brain, the nose to the emotional memory, and our ears to the heart.