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DivAria – A divine duo

The creation of DivAria was a serendipitous journey for Jahna (soprano) and Christine Katzenmaier (mezzo - soprano), two opera singers from different countries, with different languages, cultural ideas and experiences. After singing together and becoming great friends, their differences melded as their voices blended and they became DivAria.

An unconventional duo of talent, as visually pleasing as they are musically, these lovely ladies were surprised to hear people exclaim:

“Your voices sound so beautiful but you don’t look like opera singers!”

Why this reaction? Perhaps it’s due to their contemporary interpretation and style. As a dynamic young duo, their wish is for opera to be heard afresh and anew. Jahna and Christine are passionate about classical music and, yet, have always felt stifled by its image. They strive to maintain classical music’s integrity, musicianship and beauty while embracing changes that are part of a growing musical sensibility, a celebration of this marvelous music – a music for everyone!

Their CD, ‘Fresh’, has been featured on KPFK Radio in Los Angeles, California and can be heard on radio stations around the world. Their show ‘Freshly Classic’, an innovative performance where DivAria sings operatic arias dressed as contemporary paintings, performed to sold-out shows at the renowned Knitting Factory in Hollywood, California and have graced the stages of many private events. Their single, Barcarolle, charted No. 4 on for three weeks.

Visit DivAria and see a video of the ‘Freshly Classic’ show at: