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Ajna Music Sampler

Ajna Music MetroSpiritual Vol. 1 is a collection of music for the new world that you're creating. Relax into the India meets americana meditations of Sada Sat Kaur. Energize yourself with the electro-pop stylings of Donna De Lory. Empower yourself with the rock gospel chant celebrations of Dave Stringer. Envision a better world with the wordless world orchestral hymns of Tom Rossi. Live with the ambient beauty of Laurel.
Ajna Music MetroSpiritual Vol. 1: Relax. Energize. Empower. Envision. Live.
Ajna Music is a music label that takes its name from the Sanskrit word for the third eye or 6th chakra. Ajna is the gateway to intuitive knowledge, imagination and light; and these are the virtues that Fabienne and Jeremy Toback have brought to their record label since its inception in 2003.

Ajna Music fosters the next generation of music, music that expands the modern aesthetic while energizing body, mind and soul. It is a sound that the Tobacks have defined as Metro-Spiritual. Metro-Spiritual music relaxes and uplifts its listener, while possessing a fearless hip factor. It is a soundtrack for the emerging, mainstream holistic lifestyle built around yoga, Pilates, organic foods, alternative medicines and other choices creating an increased quality of life.

"All of the important musical movements of the past 30 years- from psychedelic to hip hop to punk- have taken root in and helped to expand significant cultural movements," says Co-founder, Jeremy Toback. Toback continues, "Metro-Spiritual music is no different. ajna's artists are at the beginning of something both entertaining and profound."

Ajna Music's roster includes Donna De Lory, Tom Rossi, Dave Stringer, Laurel, and Sada Sat Kaur. Toback explains, "Each artist brings a unique approach to their sound, colliding and harmonizing genres such as electronica, world, bluegrass, traditional chant, and pop with a sense of irreverence and deep respect."