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Michael Perricone

Michael Perricone started out playing guitar and bass at age ten. He played in rock bands and acoustic combos in high school. While in high school, he formed a sound company that afforded him the chance to record one of the local bands in a commercial recording studio. This opened his eyes to recording and producing, and opened them wide.

At age 19, Michael moved to Hollywood, took an assisting job in a 24-track studio and within a year became a mixer for major film and television music and records. Since then he’s mixed for everybody from Joe Walsh and Alice Cooper to Johnny Mathis and Public Enemy, to Lionel Richie and No Doubt.

Never giving up his dream to write and produce, he continued playing guitar and producing music, teaching himself piano and keyboards along the way and doing session work as a percussionist.

In order to have a base for producing, in 1985 Michael co-founded Interlock Studios in Hollywood, which he ran successfully for 17 years until he sold the company in 2002.

He’s produced records in every genre, some of them charting in such diverse areas as a number four single on the dance charts, a top 100 single on the country charts and a number four single on the classical charts.

Michael took a break from mixing and producing in the mid-nineties to pursue screenwriting. He wrote produced episodes of Paramount’s “Star Trek:Voyager,” Disney’s “In a Heartbeat,” and Spelling’s “Savannah” and “Charmed.”

Missing music, he returned to the recording world and started Airetight Records. He produced the crossover record “In the Balance” by Jahna, which is currently getting worldwide airplay and is number two in southern Japan. He followed that with the classical duo, DivAria and their CD “Fresh” which was number four on the classical charts with over 2500 downloads.

Now, Michael combines an affinity for yoga with his eclectic musical abilities to create the first CD featuring his own music: “Journey of Seven Bowls.” Released in 2004, “Journey” is gathering endorsements from yoga instructors, massage therapists and even non-yogis from rockers to senior citizens. It looks like Michael is helping to create a new genre: Yogi Crossover. “Journey of Seven Bowls” is about become the first yoga CD released in surround for DVD Audio. His most recent release is “Sacred Bowls,” a collection of Tibetan bowl recordings.