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TODD MONTGOMERY began experimenting with string instruments in the fourth grade. Since then he has enjoyed learning to play such instruments as Irish bouzouki, sitar, mandolin and guitar. He spent his teen years in psychedelic rock bands until he discovered the folk music of America and Ireland. In search of deeper improvisation in an established tradition, he studied the sitar for many years with a real sitar master, Harihar Rao, who is Ravi Shankar's oldest student. He performed on Irish bouzouki and mandolin for the movie, Chasing the Dragon, The Veronica Guerin Story. When he's not playing music or playing with his wife and son, Todd can often be found surfing the waves off Malibu. You can find more information about him at:

GAYLE ELLETT has been composing and producing music for over 35 years, and has performed on over 50 CDs. He has written music for numerous Film projects and TV shows, commercials, animations, computer games, and music libraries. One of his main music groups, Djam Karet, currently has 16 CDs released so far, and has received great reviews and awards in hundreds of magazines world-wide, including Rolling Stone Magazine's "Number 2 BEST Independent Album Of The Year" and Billboard Magazine's "Critic's Choice Award". Currently, you can hear his traditional Japanese Koto music on MTV, thoughout the world. When he's not busy working in the studio, Ellett can often be found flying his hang glider 5,000 meters high over the mountains of Southern California and Northern Mexico. You can find more information about him at: