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Krishna Devi

Krishna Devi is a remarkable innovator of Kirtan chanting and singing which she calls ‘Gypsie Kirtan’. She has devoted her entire life to the healing art of music, blending the traditional Sanskrit language with the influence of gypsie melodies and songs. Her first lesson in music, as a child, was with her gypsie Grandfather in Hungary, who was a great violinist. She was raised with an awareness of the heart.

Krishna is a long time devotee of the Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati of Ananda Ashram in Monroe, NY, with whom she intensely studied Sanskrit, Yoga, and Meditation. It was at Ananda Ashram where Krishna studied with the dynamic kirtan master, Ramesh Lahiri who passed on to her the gift of kirtan. She has also studied classical Indian music with Acharya Roop Verma. More Recently, she has studied with kirtan singer Ma Chetan Jyoti of Rishikesh India.

Krishna is the producer of ‘Dance My Heart, Sukha Shantih’, a compilation of various artists of Ananda Ashram, including herself. She has also produced ‘Divine Joy’, in memory of Ramesh Lahiri. In 2000 she recorded her own work called ‘Still Needing You’ as a tribute to Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. Currently she is working on the release of ‘Gypsie Kirtan.

The vision of Krishna Devi is to create a world where no one is in pain, a world of peace and unity, a true inner balance of purity and passion within the sound of her kirtan.

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