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James Asher

Music has been a part of James Asher's life for as long as he can remember. James learned violin from age 7, and his father taught the choir and orchestra at his school when he was a teenager.

Following James education on violin which was traditional, he taught himself keyboards and drums, and have always been quite fascinated by the whole recording process. After working in studios to gain some technical skill, he set up his own studio, which has evolved through different configurations over the years. Starting with soundtrack music James recorded over twenty albums, which gave him the chance to explore creating music for a wide range of differing moods and visual situations. Then he moved on to concentrating more on commercial albums, which have been mostly in two styles - worldbeat and relaxation music. Worldbeat was a natural for James as he's always loved drums, and has also always enjoyed the diverse musics of different cultures and how they can blend. Working for the innovative colour company Aura-Soma, he wrote extensive music to accompany meditations, and have been intrigued by music that helps people to find their inner space.

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