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Brad White & Pierre Grill

The prodigious production team of contemporary jazz keyboardist Grill and woodwind specialist White has assembled a refreshing palette of piano, exotic flutes, and light orchestrations. White contributes a rich array of world music elements, evoking airs of Africa, Spain and France, while Grill's emphasis on Hawaiian style gives his performances a lovely warmth.

Pierre Grill
Born in 1952, in Saint Laurent De Cerdans (small village in the Pyrennees mountains on the french-spanish border). Both parents are full Catalan.
Pierre grew up in Marseille (Provence, France)
Started piano at 7 years old with private teacher Mrs. Simone Marion (Kept studying classical piano with Mrs. Marion for the next 12 years).
Through High School listened to all the classics :Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Ravel, Stravinsky...
Got introduced to jazz by listening to Errol Garner and Jimmy Smith.
After listening to Louis Armstrong, he bought a $20 trumpet.

Took Jazz classes (Be Bop) at Marseille Conservatory of Music with Guy Longnon.
Went to Engineer School in Lyon (Ecole Centrale de Lyon). Played trumpet with the school brass band.
After graduating from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, he joined a clown troup (a la Fellini) playing trumpet with an eleven piece street band.
Moved to Hawaii in 1979 and started his recording studio: Rendez-Vous Recording. He continues to record and play music.