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Mysterious sounds of Tibet featuring Tibetan singing bowls and bells, guttural singing and teta-rhythms for deep meditation and relaxation,wah savasana and other yoga practices.
Anjey Satori was born on April 6, 1969, in the Ukraine. He was interested in mysticism and esoteric teachings of the East from his early years. He worked as an organizer of special courses and seminars at the Institute of Non traditional Medicine and has had enough experience to teach the basics of bioenergy, healing, deep meditation and relaxation, wah savasana and other practices.
The pseudonym "satori" (insight) Anjey thought of while practicing deep meditation and yoga. Once the "expansion of conscious" happened and there was an experience of "satori" described in classical Zen-Buddhist texts. The feeling of inner light and bliss lasted for several days. It was the meeting with his innermost Self.
Anjey Satori's music is intended for deep meditation and relaxation, healing and anyone travelling an inner journey. Each composition creates a harmonious balance of music and spirit.