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Music to whisper and count snowflakes to...
Listening to Vargo, you are also always listening to yourself somehow. Gentle grooves, warm layers of sound, soft melodies that do something to you, even though you can't put your finger on what it is exactly, except that it feels amazingly good!
Beyond mere Chill-out, here's where the ambient-revolution begins: Vargo aesthetically advance and enhance this genre and are not afraid to merge their electronic sound landscapes with classical, rather pop-song-like structures. With songs that turn seconds into minutes. With milk and honey for the soul - maybe that is the right term to describe the music of producer and musician Ansgar Ueffink and the exceptional voice of Stephanie Hundertmark.
At any rate, they already have countless fans, being favoured regulars on the Cafe Del Mar CDs, the world's most important series of Chillout-compilations, which has sold more than a million copies each worldwide. Furthermore, Vargo have been released on over fifty other CD-compilations around the world, such as the equally famous German "Space Night" and French "Buddha Bar".
However, their fame began on Ibiza. DJ Bruno himself has Vargo on heavy rotation when he creates his soundtrack for the sunset in the legendary Cafe Del Mar. And Vargo enjoy the honour of being the first German act ever to appear on this CD-series.
Two years have passed and, having released as many as six tracks on that series alone, Ansgar Ueffink is considered to be one of the groundbreaking producers of Balearic Chill-out. To top it off, Vargo is featured on the upcoming 25th Anniversary album, the biggest one so far. Whoever likes the music of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Moby, Schiller, Enya and of course the Cafe Del Mar series will certainly love Vargo. Besides, fellow musicians respect them likewise. Established artists like the Trance-duo Blank & Jones asked Vargo to remix for them.
Vargo attach great value to the contents of their lyrics. A multitude of philosophical approaches can be found on their album. "It is important to us to touch people with what we do, to open them up", they say. They create a relaxed atmosphere, inviting listeners to gently dive into the elaborately designed landscapes of sound, forget about the daily routine, and find to themselves, at best. Which means Vargo are (oder doch lieber Vargo are, oder the o. their music/ their album) is just perfect for those long winter evenings...
Their new album 'BEAUTY' has been recorded in Hamburg and on Ibiza, and will be released on November 22nd. Looking for just the right music to whisper and count snowflakes to? Here it is.