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Rising from the underground of Toronto’s multicultural music melting pot, eccodek’s visionary blend of downtempo grooves, tribal electronica and world dub is quickly capturing the attention of the international music scene, moving Global Rhythm to declare that, “eccodek reveals the modern face of global music.”

Andrew McPherson--the mastermind behind the eccodek sound—collaborated for several years with musicians from around the world before starting work on his much-anticipated debut recording, More Africa In Us. This deeply hypnotic, afro-dub groovefest is boldly described by Errol Nazareth of Toronto’s eye Weekly as “one of the most outstanding contemporary dub albums to come out of [Canada]!”

Weened on a rich diet of globally infused sounds, a classical music degree and some serious time honing his production chops, McPherson took cues from the many collaborative experiments of Bill Laswell and his Material collective as well as global artists like King Sunny Ade and Ali Farke Toure. With this schooling in both synthesis and the traditional, he began plotting his own vision of global music, something the Ottawa Citizen championed as, "magnetic grooves, percolating beats and bone rattling bass." McPherson also looked to the proliferation of dub mixology, downtempo psychedelia and exotic cultural voices in early Massive Attack, King Tubby and Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound for clues.

Continuing in the forward-thinking tradition pioneered by the world’s seminal dub producers, eccodek plots his own musical course, guided by a devotion to his music’s roots, and a compass pointed resolutely to the future...