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Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers' roots lie in a thriving community of provocative artists, creative thinkers, and progressive-minded individuals based on the West Coast. Since the early 90s, our extended family has assembled regularly, forming a sacred space where people can relax, tune in and bliss out to chillout, ambient and downtempo music produced by a loosely-knit collective of DJs and producers. These gatherings have extended the frontier of electronic dance music and today form the epicenter of the techno-tribal renaissance movement.
DownTemple--in addition to being the title for this new music series--is also the theme for some of these downtempo events, where a vision of promoting a conscious way to walk peacefully in the world is shared by all.
When White Swan suggested the name DownTemple Dub for this series, we were stunned by the synchronicity, as the organizers for Downtemple are some of our closest friends and share our eagerness to spread the ethos of Downtemple and Desert Dwellers alike.
This is the intent written into our music: that it may contribute to the overall well being of the people living on this planet. Music is our key to healing. Music is our key to finding fellow travelers during these intense times, and it is our key to understanding the great depths of human emotion, and our potential to soar. ------- DOWNTEMPLE DUB: WAVES is Rara Avis and Amani Friend's first full-length album together. Born less than 48 hours apart in the year of the Dragon, these longtime friends share many cosmological connections, animal totems and spiritual practices, and an uninhibited passion for the musical diversity of the Universe and the healing properties of sound and vibration.