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Christo Pellani

Christo Karam Pellani

Christo is a dynamic drummer/percussionist, rhythm awareness facilitator, event coordinator, recording artist, producer, and sound healer with extensive worldwide performance credits. His versatility includes international concerts, television shows, videos, and film and studio recordings with many artists. He also facilitates interactive playshops for schools, retreats, ceremonies, and festivals, blending principles of rhythm and sound awareness for personal expression and wellness.
Christo is a drums / percussion instructor for the Los Angeles Arts Academy, The Culver City Adult School, and the “Day Jams” summer camp in affiliation with The National Music Foundation. He has worked with various after school programs, The “Rock the Classroom” literacy program, and with the disability community through the Down Syndrome Assn. of America, and The Rhythmic Arts Project.
He co- created “Heart Rhythms” and “Drums of Peace” as vehicles for community expression and wellness through rhythm awareness. He also created the “Earth & Sky” Performing and Healing Arts Lodge as a venue for diverse community expression. He is affiliated with the International Humanities Center, and is active as a staff member of the Sacred Path Retreats, in affiliation with the Men’s Center of Los Angeles. Christo has been a featured performer at the World Festival of Sacred Music since its inception.
Christo performs and records regularly with Rock, R&B, World Beat, and New Age music with a wide variety spoken word, devotional singing artists including: Larisa Stow & Gathering Guru, Robert Frey, Ed Munter, Rashid Lanie, Bhagavan Das, Soundscape Pyramids, Jagadambe, The Agape International Choir as well as concert performances with Air Supply, Mary Wells, The Shirrelles, the Marvellettes, Ronnie Spector, Leo Nocentelli, Dion Estus, Wade Preston, Joe Shashaty, The Angels of Venice, and Debbie Davies, among others.
He remains in high demand for accompaniment to many expressive movement artists, as well recording, instruction, and concert performances. His extensive credits include master studies in Africa, India, and Bali and he has worked with producers Peter Bunnetta, Magic Moreno, Barry Goldberg, Tris Imboden, David Knight and many others. Christo’s many film and TV credits include “The Today Show”, “Entertainment Tonight”, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”, “Parent Trap Three”, “Casper, a Spirited Beginning”.
His varied interests and studies include Tama-DoTM sound healing, Reconnective HealingTM, shamanism, world music, sacred geometry, Hellerwork, and Kriya Yoga. Christo was featured as one of ten “Unsung Drumming Heroes of LA” as chosen by BAM magazine. Endorsements include TOCA percussion, Rhythm Tech, UFIP cymbals, ATTACK drum heads and Vater sticks. He also has designed a custom djembe drum. Christo maintains private percussion instruction and personal wellness practices in Los Angeles.