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Astrid Kastenberg

Astrid Kastenberg is a Yoga Instructor Trained in: Iyengar, Ashtanga and Viniyoga. She is also a dance teacher and studies karate.
"I lead my students in Padma Yoga which teaches you about the spiritual and inner aspects of yoga while infusing your body with your vital life force - the breath. I call my classes Practice with a Message. The message and theme of the class is different each week.
Padma Yoga is her own creation, and stemmed from her recognition that the natural state and drive of the body is health. Padma means lotus which is the symbol of infinity, and mirrors our unlimited possibilities to create transformation and miracles in our lives. The practice involves dynamic postures and provocative communion that helps one to understand and explore the body's inner pharmacy and healing centers. I have studied yoga for 15 years discovering its relaxation and calming effects. My personal practice and teaching has evolved through my experience as a dancer, mother of 2 boys and corporate executive.
I have studied Reconnective Healing with World Renowned Healer, Dr. Eric Pearl. I am certified to perform "The Reconnection", and to treat my clients using these newer & higher Reconnective Healing frequencies.