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Daveed is a talented accomplished musician who proves that music, beyond being a business, is most importantly an art. He successfully masters the language of the guitar and delivers powerful compositions in which melodies and harmonies are beautifully juxtaposed creating a canvas of poetic, almost hypnotic sounds. His new CD titled The Healing Garden, released on his label DAS Productions, takes you on a magical journey serenaded by spanish guitars and exotic flutes , delicately balancing sounds of the East and West. Flavored with Flamenco/Hip-Hop/New Age elements, Daveed¹s music has a blissed-out aura, serenity and eloquence filled with an energy transcending time and space. The spanish guitar becomes the main voice with melodies and a fusion of sounds that open an intimate world to the listener.

Daveed's musical journey began at the age of twelve when his mother bought him his first guitar. A self-taught musician, he was able to explore the sounds and rhythms learned during his childhood , while traveling with his family to different parts of the world. Having been exposed to many cultures, Daveed's music has a style and a signature that brings forth a unique genre of music a fusion of passionate spanish guitars, seductive grooves intertwined with melodies and meditative vibes that serenade your soul and speak directly to your heart.

The musical success Daveed is enjoying is the direct result of his own labor.
throughout the past few years, the gifted musician gradually built his own studio in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, and successfully transformed it into a full music recording facility. where he composed, arranged and produced his 3 cds , Dreams, Don't Be Sad, and The Healing Garden, which earned him rave reviews from numerous magazines including Music Connection, Guitar Magazine, London Music News and Westside Weekly . The latest release " The Healing Garden is already distributed across the US, Canada and Japan at a variety of commercial outlets including Borders Bookstore and Music, Barnes and Nobles,, numerous yoga studios, catalogs, and a chain of local LA stores.

The popularity of Daveed's sound and its ability to connect and move people, has granted him national exposure. The music is regularly featured on 'The Weather Channel', 'Live with Regis & Kelly', CBS, 'The Early Show' and ABC's 'The View'. In addition, Daveed's credits also include myriads of music scores for over seventy Yoga/Pilates/Meditation/Healing/Tai Chi fitness videos including the trend-setting 'Zen Mama: Prenatal Yoga Workout' tape for Natural Journeys. The best selling 'Winsor Pilates' videos, and the highly popular exercise series and infomercial, 'The Firm'.