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Devi 2000

Devi 2000 is one of Chicago's most successful Kirtan bands, a group that leads a form of call-and-response devotional chanting common to Chicago's growing yoga community and spiritual events. Kirtan comes from the Sanskrit word for singing, and is as much a part of Yoga as poses, meditation and breathing.
While Kirtan is based in ancient Indian traditions, Devi 2000 adds to this a larger worldview- the awareness of being American and the inspirational rhythms of Africa, Brazil and the Carribean. The result is a fusion of sounds, from the reflective drones of Indian to the upbeat lilt of Reggae.

Devi 2000 has a changing lineup that general draws from the following members: Debi Buzil (band leader), Doug Brush, Steve Emmerman, Amy Beth Treciokas, Amy Cranch, Jacqueline Westhead, George Jones, Lyndsay Rinio and Tatiana Sanchez.