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His God given name is Brian Cavender. Brian has been writing electronic music since 1994. Brian’s earlier works were strictly techno oriented with influences including Cabaret Voltaire, Meat Beat Manifesto, Richard James’ works, and Autechre to name a few. All of Seafoam’s early works stayed in the studio as he learned to master the craft of electronic music.

After a few live p.a.’s and no real focus Seafoam turned his attention to the house music scene. After relocating to Seattle in 1996 Seafoam decided to give house music it’s day in court

Starting with the basics and listening to influential artists such as Global Communication, House of 909, and “Doing It” by Housey Doingz. Seafoam knew his music was heading in the right direction.

Seafoam’s music at the present time is, as he describes it is “Smooth, soulful, jazzy house… I like swing time beats combined with old school organ-like chords. I am very into melodies. They always take me to a happy place. I like to break up my beats within a song to send it to a climax. I like to categorize my musical style at this time as Breakhouse, adding another term to the endless list…”

Seafoam’s first release, on the Stretch 2 Activate label, was a good launching pad. “Hybrid” and “lowtech” have had good reviews for a track that was written in the latter part of 1997.

Seafoam now has three releases on Guidance Recordings and two on SF label Lo-Rise Recordings. He is partners with DJ Ivy in the group “Strawberry Fish”

Today Seafoam is working on more ambient soundscapes and enjoying time with his baby daughter Lydia.