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Amy Barnes

Amy is a seasoned yoga practitioner who began practicing in the late 1970’s. A Nashville native, she grew up with a yogini/artist Mom, and a grandmother who practiced to the “Richard Hittleman” (1950’s) yoga albums. Amy’s dad, Rev. Bill Barnes, also a Nashville native, is a Methodist minister who was a Civil Rights Activist in the 1960’s and is a life long instigator and servant of social justice.

The seeds of yoga took hold early in Amy’s life. Yoga is a large part of who she is, not just what she does. Amy’s own teachers are many, but the most influential are: Julie Russell (Mom), June LaSalvia, Erich Schiffman, Gayna Uransky, Richard Freeman, Sharon Gannon & David Life, Shiva Rea, and Saul David Raye. Jai Uttal has been her Bhakti Yoga inspiration for the last several years.

Amy’s practice of asana (posture), kriya (intentional action), pranayama (breath awareness/extension), dhyana (meditation) and KIRTAN, chanting the Divine name, continually deepen her understanding of the effects of practice. Not only does practicing with wholistic awareness bring vibrant and balanced health to our physical bodies, but we also become more sensitive, aware, and alive. Embodying & radiating this awareness helps us respond to ourselves and others from a natural and authentic state of kindness. Living in this way, in Divine Service, transforms our lives, our relationship with all sentient beings and global communities, into a more loving and joyful experience. Amy’s playful, passionate, and energetic style encourages students’ inner curiosity, listening, spontaneity, and exploration of one’s unique experience…opening to the possibilities of living the wonder of our human AND divine nature.

Amy teaches from a life richly lived, drawing on her background in the arts, theatre, dance, and music. She administered therapeutic body work for 12 years which lead into her 4 year psychotherapy training. She is a certified (body centered) psychotherapist and worked with individuals, couples, & groups Boulder, Colorado for several years. She is currently working with clients in a wholistic healing modality.

Amy discovered the magic of KIRTAN, singing with Dave Stringer at Yoga Source Nashville in 2000, and has been passionately exploring the practice and mystery of Bhakti Yoga ever since. She has been devotedly studying with her teacher Jai Uttal for the past several years, allowing this to become the center point of her creative and spiritual life. She currently leads kirtan in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Louisville, Boulder, and other beautiful places. Feel free to contact her at: