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Masood Ali Khan

A musician of eclectic qualities from Didgeridoo, guitar, to hand drums Masood started his musical career playing as a 2 man percussion act called 'Global Love', integrating Universal Energy techniques through live percussion with a numerous club DJs performing from NY & Miami through The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand and Australia. A transition slowly occurred with the discovery of a fairly new enchanting percussive instrument created in 2001 by Panart in Bern, Switzerland, The Hang (pronounced "Hung") means "hand," in the local Bernese dialect. It looks like a flying saucer—and indeed sounds like it is from another solar system with its ethereal resonating overtones in a D harmonic minor scale.

Masood Ali Khan recorded his first Hang album within the anticipated 'The Yoga Sessions™' Series from Dave Schommer's new music label Yoga Organix .
Masoods hypnotic performance creates such a noticeable deep concentration and calm that one can feel the difference in the room.
Many students have said they feel supported with more focus and capabilities in their yoga practice
Playing music with the greater intention for helping humanity Masood's heart in a pure place, he creates storytelling compositions with captivating melodies to inspire the spiritual being within the human.
Combining the power of the minds and hearts healing potential for humanity, the Hang, an instrument of relaxation, joy, and hope, becomes a medium to transfer truly good intentions within the sound vibrations.
The listener senses this—and feelings of creativity, passion and compassion come alive.