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Sacred Space

Sacred Space is the combination of Australian musicians Arjuna and Nilong Buchanan. Over the last four years, they have created a fresh, enchanting new sound, using Indian Sacred Mantra and relaxing, uplifting self composed tunes.

Arjuna discovered Sacred Mantra in 1997 through his Yoga studies and he developed a strong love and passion for Mantra combined with devotional music. His inspiration grew stronger while travelling India, where he discovered his favourite instrument, the indian Bansuri flute, which he studies since more than six years.

Nilong was born in Germany and has been living in Australia since 2004.
She met her husband Arjuna on one of her travels in India and playing music together became a very precious part of their relationship. Nilong first got to know about Mantra and devotional music in 1993 through practicing Yoga and meditation at the University of Cologne, Germany. She realised that through singing she was able to express a part of herself, that words couldn't and chanting in the ancient frequency of Mantra and experiencing it's healing qualities became her passion.