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Breath of Life Tribe

The Breath of Life Tribe is a deep healing experience, with call-and-response sacred chanting in Sanskrit and other languages, meditation, breathing, sound healing, dancing, expression, jamming, and healing light frequencies. The instrumentation includes violin, organ, electric and acoustic guitar, world percussion and drums, cello and bass, flutes, rich vocal harmonies and a cappella, as well as sacred lighting from the Aura Shop and a sound bath of various world instruments. The experience will leave you feeling relaxed AND charged.

Come bathe in this dynamic healing experience.

The Other Deepak – vocals, violin, acoustic guitar, harmonium

Cooper Madison – vocals, tabla, guitar, harmonium

Christo Pellani – drums, percussion, bowls

John Twiford – vocals

Brandon Fox – lead guitar, vocals

Eddie Young – cello, bass, flutes

—and various special guests—

Jai Gurudev. Hari Om. Shanti. Peace.