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Noa Winter Lazerus

No'a Winter Lazerus utilizes a wide range of skills in pursuit of his artistic vision and expression. Scoring is a passion for cinema, television, visual art, installation art, music recording projects and live event performances. His work has been tied to the films 300 and Watchmen, to films for PBS and he is Grammy nominated for his work in music recording and production.
No'a is known by his peers as a musical artist who can go any direction creatively with originality, innovation and a unique sonic approach. From Indie and Alt to Neo-Classical to Ambient and Spectral Sound Sculpting, he is recognized for dancing with many genres, instruments and styles. No'a is currently working on creative projects with several known artists from groups as diverse as Ladytron and Stellamara to Sonos and Bickram Ghosh. He is also completing a new theater musical called “Ian Forest” with performer Tony Moss. The musical will also be part of his Masters Thesis in
Consciousness Studies while he continues working on his own recording projects and new scoring projects all done in his home studio, “Voice of the Silence Sound”.
No'a Winter Lazerus is Co-Creator with Kate McCallum of the Art of Sound label marrying artists and artwork with composers and musicians.