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Steve Gold

An alchemical blend American blues and spirituals, folk pop, world and kirtan, the music of singer/songwriter Steve Gold is deeply infused with spirit. Steve's 30 year musical career started in Los Angeles where he trained as an actor, sang in musical theatre productions, and later in garage bands. During the 80's he began a recording collaboration with punk rock impresario Malcolm McLaren at CBS Records. This led to many more song writing and recording collaborations, and live performances with Curtis Mathewson (producer for Train), Dean Butterworth (drums for Ben Harper) and Wayne Horvitz (Producer for Bill Frisell). During his late teens Steve discovered Kundalini Yoga. His love of chanting began shortly afterward, and he continues to study yoga asana, chanting, and meditation. Presently, Steve teaches chanting, intentional singing, and vocal training. Steve's music has become a soundtrack for yoga classes worldwide since the 2008 release of the widely acclaimed CD, "So Much Magnificence." He is currently on tour promoting the 2009 digital release, "Let Your Heart Be Known" and recording new tracks with Ben Leinbach (producer for Deva Premal and Jai Uttal). Steve's distinctively rich vocal timbre and engaging enthusiasm encourages the listener’s heart to open. With his wife, Anne-Émilie Gold, a classically trained French singer, they travel the world. As a couple they perform regularly with Shiva Rea, Mark Whitwell, Saul David Raye, Janet Stone and other great yoga teachers at concerts, Yoga Journal Conferences, workshops and retreats. Steve's music appears on White Swan Records, Sounds True, CD Baby, and iTunes.

“I have witnessed rivers of tears flow from people listening to Steve Gold's version of this incredible praise of the ocean" says SHIVA REA about So Much Magnificence.

“Magnificence is 'pure gold.' Steve Gold is a down to earth, soulful being who creates powerfully positive music that heals, connects and inspires. These healing vibrations come straight from the heart, and weave a sacred space for yoga, healing or being. I have had the pleasure of welcoming Steve and Anne-Émilie into my class and sharing music with them. The effects are miraculous, people all over the world are responding to this music. I whole-heartedly embrace and recommend this sacred music.” SAUL DAVID RAYE, yogi, healer, activist

"Steve Gold and Anne-Emilie bring a clarity to the room that fits in with the energy of yoga. They shine forth clearly as conductors of prana, seeking the note that brings the whole group together in song." LORIN ROCHE, Ph.D., Author, The Radiance Heart Sutras

CLICK HERE to Watch Steve Gold and Anne-Émilie sing So Much Magnificence live!