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OUTHOUSE explores ambient worlds where the organic meets the electronic. Using loops, beats and processed textures as a base and layering in worldly percussion and melodies OUTHOUSE creates rich environments of sound that can be utilized in a number of ways.(relaxing, background, yoga, meditation, sex) Focusing on Downtempo and Chillout varieties of electronica and cross pollinating them with World music and Urban rhythms gives the band a wide varieties of unexplored territories and moods to explore.


Mark Rechler a Long Island Musician, Architect, Artist, & Song writer who has written music for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, MTV & VH1, He created & plays in the funk/rock band “Circus Mind” who has two CD's available. Mark's varying backgrounds allow him to take a spatial & textural approach to music and song writing. Gear: Mark uses a combination of classic keyboards (Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Hohner Clavinet) and modern Synths (Access Virus, Korg Karma, Moog) as well as Soft Synths such as Reason. And uses Abelton LIVE for looping & recording.

George Hooks, a Tennessee transplant, who played drums for the Ringling Bros. for 11 years and is currently sponsored by Ziljian. George is a drum circle master currently working with retreats, team building, and camps for children with special needs. George also plays in a number of Jazz & Rock projects such as “Circus Mind” as well as being highly regarded in the Brooklyn Hasidic Klezmer scene.