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Michael Kolasa

Michael Kolasa was instantly drawn to the sound of Indian Music and
spirituality at a young age when he first heard the music of the
Beatles and fell in love with instruments like the Sitar and Sanskrit
Chanting. His interest in eastern religion and philosophy sparked a
journey into the nature of Spirit, which continues to excite him

At 16, Michael ventured from home to follow the Grateful Dead, where
he learned to play guitar in concert parking lots, as well as
experienced an alternative way of being and thinking that would
influence the rest of his life. Michael's extensive travels took him
all over the world and eventually he ended up back in New York in 1987
after completing a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology.
Michael has always

understood the healing power of music, the importance of raising
consciousness though music, gratitude through giving back, being of
service, and supporting a good cause.

After receiving a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology
he began working with individuals, children and families, using music,
Yoga, and meditation as tools for healing and transformation. During
this period Michaels interest in Spirituality and his longing for God
led him to the most important event in his life, meeting his Guru
Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. It was through Siddha Yoga Meditation that
Michael fell in love with chanting, devotional music, and mantra
repetition and began studying Indian Music in its traditional
devotional form through the guidance of his Guru. Michael immediately
began to chant and play harmonium for the Siddha Yoga programs and
events and continues to do so today. In the fall of 2005, after
returning from a spiritual pilgrimage to Brazil , Michael became
deeply inspired to begin writing music again. It was during this time
that Michael befriended Kirtan artists such as Girish, and David
Newman aka: Durga Das, who inspired and encouraged Michael to create
chants in his own unique style and personality. With the
help and kindness of Thomas Barquee, Hans Christian, an amazing group
of talented musicians, and the grace of God, the CD, All MY HEART was
recorded. Michael's intention was to create an eclectic musical sound
with Sanskrit mantras that would be widely accessible to a diverse
population turning them on to the power of sound and words and how
they create our reality.

Michael currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a Psychotherapist
in the Amrit Davaa Wellness Center at Golden Bridge. Michael is also a
trained hypnotherapist and a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. 10%
of the proceeds from All My Heart will be donated to Amrit Davaa World
Health to help support their mission to bring needed medical supplies
and attention to sick children around the world.