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Surajit Das & Lucyan


Born in Calcutta (India) in a musical atmosphere/family,Surajit recived his first sitar lesson from his aunt, Shrimati Suruchi Das, at the age of 9.

After a few years of training he developed a great interest in
Indian Classical Music and received further training from a well known sitarist, Prof. Kashinath Mukerjee. Surajit did not only stay under his guidance for more than 15 years, but has also been under the guidence of Prof. Chinmoy Lahere, a well known classical singer in India.

During his education Surajit studied and developed all the ragas according to the traditional style in all their phases.

In 1986 Surajit obtained his Masters Degree in Indian Classical Music at the Music University Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad, where he became third amongst all participants from all over India.

While he was staying in India he gained a lot of concert experience some of which was broadcasted on radio and TV.

In 1989 Surajit was send on an European Tour to France, Belgium and Switzerland by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi , the founder of the Transcendental Meditation Movement.

Since 1990 Surajit is living in the Netherlands and has not only given Concerts and Workshops all around Europe, but has also worked together with personalities like Deepak Chopra and Roy Martina

Surajit is also playing the Surbahar and has released several CDs that sell well in Europe, Amerika and Asia. His CD "Ayurveda Music Therapy" was entitled thourgh the Dutch critics as "The best CD of the month July in 2004".

Since Surajit has been an examiner on behalf of Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad University he has never stopped to inaugurate others in this valuable music.

Surajit is convinced of the peaceful influence that the Indian Classical Music has.

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was born in 24.03.1954 in Lodz (Poland). He attended the University of Lodz and got the degree of the Polish philology (literature and linguistic sciences) in 1981. From 1978 he engaged in the musical activity, playing various instruments, singing and composing. Playing guitar, electric bass, sitar (Indian lute), bamboo flutes (among them bansoori - Indian flute), blockflute (recorder), saz (Middle East lute), bouzouki (Greek lute), panduri, chonguri (Georgian lutes), mandola (Italian lute), drums (drumset), percussion and other instruments. As a singer he won the first prize of the festival We Sing the Poetry (Olsztyn, Poland 1983).

Lucyan has composed the music for different theatrical pieces and has recorded numerous musical albums with his compositions which have been produced in Poland, Italy, Hungary and USA. He has given different courses of musicotherapy in Poland and Italy, using his personal method which connects the western musicotherapy with the tradition of yoga and tantra. He is a honorary member of Italian Society of Immaginative Musicotherapy. Lucyan is a leader since 1983 of the Polish musical group Orientacja na Orient and since 1995 of the Italian band The Lucyan Group. He plays also in the Italian group Shakti Vilas, which presents the spiritual Indian songs bhajan and which has recorded 2 CDs (Italy, Hungary).