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Jon C Jackson

Jon C Jackson, is a songwriter, a composer and an all around musical guy. Playing guitar, singing and writing songs since he was very young, he has a spiritual passion for music that definitely is reflected in his debut CD, Inner Vision. For the past 20 years he has been co-writing (with Arlene Matza-Jackson) songs for various films and television shows as well as recording artists. On the composing side of things, Jon has written various cues for History Channel, National geographic, the Discover Channel, Ford (Industrials), Tonka Toys, Funrise toys and What Kids Wants toy company.

Jon’s personal touch brings you a beautiful ambient sound, yet somewhat structured music that will keep the listener interested right to the end of each song. As a whole the CD flows from one song to another, this continuous thread was intended to bring a deep sense of peace and relaxation in mind, body& spirit. It is perfect for massage, yoga or any activity that brings you into a deep altered sate of a quiet bliss.. It is also a wonderful way to unwind as background music at the end of a busy day.

Residing in the Los Angeles suburbs with his wife and many pets, he is on a spiritual journey writing music that can transcend the listener to a calm relaxing place. This CD, Inner Vision, will be the first of many more. From his heart to yours, may it bring you a deep sense of calm and joy into your world..