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Baird Hersey and Prana


Hersey is a National Endowment for the Arts Composition Fellow. His diverse career has encompassed; commissions from Harvard University, New Mexico Council for the Arts, The Brooklyn Bridge Centennial Sound and Light Spectacular, The HVP Symphony Orchestra, and performances throughout the US and Europe in such different setting as the Berlin Jazz Festival and MTV. He has also composed extensively for television. He has been a student of yoga and overtone singing for 16 years. He has studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India and with The Gyuto Monks.


Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning: breath, vital energy, life force. It is also an overtone singing choir comprised of professional singers. PRANA was formed by Baird Hersey in 2000 to breath life into the music from his "Waking the Cobra" CD.

Since then Baird and PRANA have performed, through out the Northeast primarily at Colleges and Yoga studios, They have appeared at the historic "Gatherings", "One Voice"and "Woodstock Cycle" concerts and recently open for Phillip Glass.

The singers of PRANA are; Peter Buettner, Kirsti Gholson, Julie Last, Bruce Milner, Jonji Provenzano, Leslie Ritter, Bar Scott, Joe Veillette. They are all recognized performers in their own right who join together in PRANA to sing this remarkable music.