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Mika Oakes  Flower

Mika Oakes is inspired by the essence of classical Hatha yoga, dynamic and intelligent Vinyasa flow sequencing and through the various teachers who have lit up her path along the way. She incorporates elements of her own practice into her classes while adding an eclectic range of music and offering a balanced blend of the mind/body connection through breath, anatomical alignment and core integration.

Mika has studied and completed her 500 hour certification with Sri Dharma Mittra, and began her studies at Sonic Yoga in NYC. She has also completed a 75 hour Advanced Kula Flow certification with the ever inspiring Schuyler Grant. Through the experience of being pregnant herself, Mika's understanding of what it means to let go has been taken to a whole new level. As the body changes during pregnancy, we must learn to embrace these changes and honor them in our active lives. This is both a humbling, and sometimes unnerving experience... though deeply gratifying and heart opening. Mika is grateful to be a continuous student on this journey while having the opportunity to spread the knowledge and love of yoga to others. She aims to heighten her clients' awareness, as well as her own.