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David Ananda

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, David Ananda is a singer/songwriter, Professor of Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Tera Mai, Karuna Master, and Kabbalist, and Ayurvedic vegetarian since his teens.

From an early age David's passion was music, and he developed his artistic skills through singing and spirituality. He studied piano and singing with Susana Naidich, and also ventured into the Opera, registering his tenor / baritone. The influence of Indian music is evident in the form of his singing, is the author and composer of all the music of their mantras.
His greatest dedication is put into the music and its recordings, which always have a background linked to the connection to the sacred and ancestral.
Their mantras are chanted in Sanskrit, and the sacred language Mukhi Guru of sikh.
Their mantras are heard around the world, reaching the soul mantras and provide peace of mind.