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Bow Pose


Bow pose is a complex backbend posture that works against gravity, and is powerful in strengthening the muscles of the back. Bow requires a powerful and equal kick of the legs and lift of the heart for an invigorating and even backbend and shoulder opening.

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Step By Step

  1. Lay down with your stomach, legs and head on the ground, chest down.
  2. With your legs hip width distance apart, bend your knees, and grab your feet from the outside.
  3. Engage the bandhas and press your tail bone down, to stabilize and protect your low back.
  4. Kick your feet into your hands to lift both your legs and chest up off the mat
  5. Kick back and lift up actively and evenly, to create a half circle shape.
  6. Lengthen through your head and neck, without throwing your head all the way back.
  7. Hold and breathe deeply for 3-5 breaths.
  8. Release and relax.
Pose Name


  • Stretches the shoulders, chest, abdominals, hip flexors, and quadriceps
  • Strengthens the major muscle groups of the back and buttocks
  • Opens the heart
  • Improves posture
  • Healing for low back pain


  • Low back pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder sensitivity


  • If you have lower back pain, you can perform Bow, while keeping your quadriceps on the ground, and lift only the chest. This will allow for similar benefits of the pose, without putting the lower back into a possibly compromising position
  • Use a strap around your feet or ankles, and hold that, instead of your legs, if obtaining the full hands to feet grip is straining


Bow pose activates and balances the Heart Chakra (Anahata). This is the energy center of love, acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness. Performing bow pose can make you feel more lighthearted, loving, kind, and accepting. It is also a helpful pose to overcome challenges forgiving people or processing grief.