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2-Week Abs & Booty Bootcamp Challenge
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The YogaDownload 2-Week Abs & Booty Bootcamp Challenge

Ready to get your abs and booty into tip-top shape in two weeks? We've got the perfect challenge for you!

With 14-days of consecutive classes targeting your abs and booty, this challenge will have you looking and feeling your best. We all want to look and feel fantastic, and sometimes a challenge is the motivation needed to create consistency and transform your body.

While the physical benefits of getting into shape are apparent, the mental benefits are plentiful too. They include better focus and cognitive function and feeling more confident, less stressed, and happier. Feeling proud of your body is a good thing, especially when you've worked for it. Unfortunately, keeping a consistent exercise routine is often a nice thought or idea, but the follow through can fall short without proper accountability. That's where enrolling in a 2-week challenge with other challengers from around the world, can help keep you on track to transform your body, mind, and life!

Why the abs and booty? These tend to be particular problem areas for most people, plus having strong abs and a nice booty feels good! While these benefits are real, the other health benefits of a strong core and bum transcend just looks. The glutes (your booty) are the largest muscle in the entire body. With strong glutes, you are stronger all-around, more powerful, and faster. Having a strong core is essential in a healthy, balanced, and stable body. Strengthening your core is incredibly preventive and restorative for injuries (especially back injuries), beneficial to your central nervous system, improves posture, and even protects your organs.

This challenge is a specially curated blend of practices that includes yoga, pilates, barre, and fitness classes, all targeting your abs and booty. You'll see a visible change in 2-weeks. Whether you're an experienced yogi or exerciser, or a beginner and want fitness to be part of your life, this challenge is suitable for you (all levels welcome).

So what are you waiting for? Get your body into the shape you want it to be in while becoming more confident and powerful in the process!


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2-Week Abs & Booty Challenge


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Welcome to Day 4 of the 2-Week Abs & Booty Bootcamp Challenge! 

Today you have two choices and both target the lower body. One class, from Jack, is a yoga class, while Geenie's class is a Barre class. Throughout the challenge you'll have a blend of fitness, yoga, barre, and pilates classes to choose from. While most classes will be yoga related, challenges are an excellent time to branch out and experiment with some different styles. You might find new styles or teachers you really connect with and add some variety to your regular practice!


Barre Flow on the Go with Geenie Celento

60 minute class | Level: Adv. Beginner & Up | Intensity: You'll Feel It 

This class was designed for the minimalist and for the active individual. Whether your traveling or just don't have the props- you won't need them. You'll work the entire body with just a chair and a mat. Target the upper body, lower body, conquer new plank variations and isolate the glutes for a strong, structured, elongated frame.

Strong Legs: 

Leg Day: A Strength Flow with Jack Cuneo

35 minute class | Level: Intermediate | Intensity: You'll Feel It

Your muscles are not straight lines - they wrap around your skeleton in complex and interrelated spiraling patterns. Begin to develop sustainable strength with an emphasis on your legs and core in this quick, technical and action-packed flow. 

The sequence is designed to integrate and awaken your body's strength potential with a combination of classic yoga postures and bodyweight calisthenics. You'll work the muscles all around your upper legs and hips, then add the smaller stabilizers of your feet and lower legs and even your core and the long muscles running up and down your back. Once awakened, these chains of movement help your body generate outstanding power in all of your activities.

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