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Elements for Yoga and Body Mind - Vol. 2

Body Mind Elements

The second volume is created around the element of fire and with a touch of cosy "loungieness" it creates a warm atmosphere for an inspiring practice. Experience the intensity in authentic indian sitar and classical guitar against dynamic harmonies and heavy rhytms. This music is highly suitable for high-intensity practices such as Power Yoga and Power Pilates or other pulse raising Body Mind practices.

Full album total playtime - 1:05 h

Track Listing        
1. Awakening 9:22 $1.29 Add to Cart
2. Evolution 9:58 $1.29 Add to Cart
3. Guitar Theme 8:10 $1.29 Add to Cart
4. The Warrior 8:50 $1.29 Add to Cart
5. Amarula Tree 9:10 $1.29 Add to Cart
6. Shelter from the Storm 7:37 $1.29 Add to Cart
7. Moving Forward 7:15 $1.29 Add to Cart
8. Living the Moment 5:11 $1.29 Add to Cart
Full Album
  Full Album: Full Album 1:05:00 $9.99 Add to Cart

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