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Yoga for Hurricane Relief

YogaDownload is making a donation to support the ongoing relief for the three hurricanes of recent, Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Many people lost their lives and many more are without their homes and essential needs after these natural disasters. We want to come together to help those affected. All you have to do to support, is practice a class in the Yoga for Hurricane Relief Package in the next two months to raise money to support relief efforts. Our donations are going to be split 50%-50% to two different charities, and provide relief for those affected in both the US and abroad (Carribbean nations). The two non-profits and programs supported are US Hurricane Relief fund with the non-profit All Hands and Puerto Rico and Carribbean Hurricane Relief Fund from Global Giving. Both charities are committed to short-term relief efforts, as well as long-term support in helping the affected communities rebuild. All Hands puts focus in sending relief volunteers on the ground to help rebuild an Global Giving works closely with local community organizations for relief. Both are well-respected organizations that have been doing positive work in the world for some time.

100% of proceeds from this package, all centered around strength for the next two months, will be distributed equally between these two charities. Essentially, you practicing any of these classes, will raise money for a worthy cause that will help people! The classes are themed around courage, strength, and renewal.

Here's what's included:

Full Program
Yoga for Hurricane Relief
$ 24.00
$ 24.00
Program Items
Courageous Flow Courageous Flow is a well-rounded power yoga class offering a balance between strength and surrender.
Gentle Renewal Flow This class will renew your energy, stretch your body, and gently tone your muscles.
Reset & Rejuvenate Flow This invigorating, rejuvenating flow acts as a reset button to clear out the internal debris and leave you feeling lighter, stronger and more joyful.
Yoga to Unwind This a well-balanced and relaxing flow that you will want to return to time and time again.
Soft Heart: A Chaturanga-Free Practice In this practice, we will explore the balance of cultivating strength where it is needed and allowing sweetness and softness where possible.
Meditate & Cultivate Calm This practice allows you to understand yourself deeper, and focus more on the things that make you feel light and free instead of the things that create worry and stress.