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Kidney Yin Yoga (49:04)
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Kidney Yin Yoga: Soothing the Water Element

Kali Basman

We are born with a finite amount of Kidney Chi and these deeper reserves of vitality and adaptation may be nourished and supported through a restorative textured Yin practice honoring the Water Element. Lengthen and lubricate the Kidney Channel - the water element meridian which runs along the front and back of spine, groin, and inner leg line to cultivate the resources for equanimity and mindfulness. Yin Yoga is a practice to cultivate the resources for equanimity. Join internationally celebrated Yin Yoga teacher Kali Basman in a journey through the water element meridian, responsible for nourishing our deepest reserves of vitality and adaptation. Lengthening and lubricating the connective tissue along the vertebral column and inner leg line, we’ll nourish the Kidney Channel in a restorative textured practice of awakening and inclusion.

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