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Prison Yoga from San Quentin:
Free Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Posted on 2/8/2017 by Eric Paskel in yoga San Quentin Eric Paskel Prison Finding Freedom

Eric Paskel teaches yoga to inmates at San Quentin, creating a “prison break” without ever leaving the prison. It was not a hard sell when my teacher, Swami Parthasarathy, told me during one of our first meetings, “The whole world is a prison, and your only job in life is to get the hell out.”

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10 Tips for a Home Practice

Posted on 11/2/2016 by Jake Panasevich in home yoga practice Jake Panasevich Yoga for Men yoga Exercise Fitness Personal Routine

At some point, it's necessary to develop a personal yoga practice to maintain your strength, flexibility and sanity. A personal routine will keep you in the game, no matter where you are or how your circumstances change. While yoga classes are a wonderful way to have fun, learn good alignment and build community, realistically, you won’t always have the luxury and time to attend class. A home practice will keep you feeling healthy, grounded and pain-free. It's simple to start, and if you make it fun and effective, it's sustainable.

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Na'maste at Home with YogaDownload and Roku

Posted on 10/16/2016 by YogaDownload .com in self-care Practice Yoga Take Yoga Anywhere ROKU Meditation Pranayama yoga Kundalini Yoga

Do you ever feel like yoga should be more accessible? It has become harder with our fast-paced lives to get our practice in. Especially in a highly digital world, we have become more and more distracted. Instead of staying centered and trusting our internal compass, we’re pulled in a million directions. What’s the solution?

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Ayurveda Life: How Ayurveda Changed My Life

Posted on 9/19/2016 by Shiva Rea in Prana Harmony yoga Ayurveda Shiva Rea Sister Sciences

“Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that developed together and repeatedly influenced each other throughout history. Yoga and Ayurveda work together to enhance their great benefits on all levels”.

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Get Your Yoga Out of My Asana

Posted on 6/7/2016 by J. Brown in yoga Asana Body Image Practice J. Brown Yoga

For many, it is has become important to distinguish between “asana,” or the performing of postures, and yoga. Both those who are inclined towards yoga as a fitness regimen, and those who embrace it as more than just exercise, find it necessary to clarify the intent and purpose behind their practice. This compartmentalisation, while convenient and often useful, brings with it a dilemma, the resolution to which determines what is actually possible with yoga.

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The Green Ollie

Posted on 5/25/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in conscious cleanse yoga Green Smoothie Detox Drink Daily Elixer

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram lately you know that we’re mildly – scratch that – massively obsessed with this new organic extra virgin olive oil by Kasandrinos. This olive oil is unlike any other you’ve tried before and it will make all your recipes come to life!

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The Difference Between & Crow and Crane

Posted on 5/18/2016 by Ashley Josephine in yoga Ashley Josephine Crane (Bakasana) Pose

A few weeks ago, I learned that I had been doing a yoga pose wrong for the entirety of my time practicing yoga. It took about 7 years for anyone to tell me otherwise, so I want to share the knowledge with you here today so that you can be an informed yoga practitioner.

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Practicing Kindness

Posted on 5/11/2016 by Adam Hocke in yoga Adam Hocke self-improvement physical disciplines challenges

Befriend yourself If we are concerned with self-improvement or cultivating physical disciplines, we can be quite hard on ourselves, especially when things aren’t going as well as we’ve hoped or planned. Off the mat, there are sure to be times we disappoint ourselves, failing to live up to some ideal expectations. Instead of chastising or punishing yourself, or suppressing behaviours that you think are beneath you, can you instead be kind to whatever it is inside of you that is calling out for help? Can your kindness be unconditional? When your thoughts dive into dark places, instead of wishing you were feeling something else, can you listen, befriend yourself, and see what you may need to feel better?

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To Strengthen, Stretch or Rest

Posted on 5/11/2016 by Ashley Josephine in yoga Ashley Josephine Stretch Strengthen Rest

Sometime within the last year, a friend of mind asked about a nagging ankle injury. He had just recently gotten into yoga but wasn’t sure if yoga was helping or hurting his ankle recovery. Specifically, he wanted to know how you know when you need to strengthen, stretch, or rest.

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When Doves Cry

Posted on 5/4/2016 by Dana Damara in Dana Damara yoga Music Prince femininity Dance

I haven’t even begun to try and process Prince’s death. I can’t seem to find the middle ground between dancing and crying. The day he passed, I listened to his music until I fell asleep. Before sleep came, I scrolled video after video, article after article … I couldn’t get enough. My eyes were bloodshot I was so tired.

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A Yin Yoga Experience

Posted on 5/4/2016 by Ashley Josephine in balance yoga Yin Yoga Ashley Josephine

Ever wondered what the difference is between a yin class and a restorative class? Or maybe you even wonder what this yin yoga is in the first place! Yin yoga is a relatively new “form” of yoga that has become popular in the past decade or so. While the practice itself has always existed, the practice as it’s offered today in studios across the world has evolved. Today I’d like to offer you my perspective on the yin practice and give you a little experience.

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Prepare for Bigger Backbends

Posted on 4/27/2016 by Adam Hocke in yoga Adam Hocke Yoga Poses Backbends Props Yoga Props

Backbends are demanding and invigorating. They require a combination of flexibility and strength that can vary from person to person. They require patience and preparation. Often our ability to backbend in big and deep ways can be limited by muscular and soft tissue tightness across the front of the hips, around the numerous connections of the spine itself, and across the front and back of the shoulders. Here are three warm ups focused on stretch and release of these regions to help you deepen your backbends.

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A Practice for Recognizing & Developing Inner Strength

Posted on 4/27/2016 by Jennifer Meek in yoga Jennifer Meek Yoga Poses self-confidence inner strength

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” ~ Dalai Lama

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The Simplicity of the Sutras

Posted on 4/27/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Yoga Sutras yoga Ashley Josephine Simple living Sutras advanced yoga practice

As the world becomes more complex, the universe is sending subtle signals to simplify. It seems a lot of the world is starting to question the complexity we’ve built into our ways of doing things.

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Eating Clean

Posted on 4/14/2016 by Hayley Hobson in yoga Healthy Eating Hayley Hobson Eating Clean Diet

Hey Guys, So I have seen so many of my friends over the years trying to get healthy, detoxify and lose weight…which is cool. But then they tell me what they’re eating and I freak out!

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A Smart Flow for Hamstrings

Posted on 4/14/2016 by Andrea Ferretti in yoga Hamstrings Andrea Ferretti Jason Crandell vinyasa flow Forward Bends

I am a vinyasa flow girl through and through. I believe that spending time studying alignment is vital to a lifelong yoga practice — whether in the form of Iyengar classes/workshops or with a flow teacher like Jason who occasionally slows things down. When you learn to understand and tune into the details of alignment you not only stave off potential injuries, you truly learn the skill of connecting your body and mind.

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4 Propped Poses to Build Your Hanumansana

Posted on 4/9/2016 by Andrea Ferretti in hanumanasana yoga Hamstrings Andrea Ferretti Jason Crandell Yoga Poses Forward Bend

Hanumanasana feels different each time I do it. There are days when I can get my pelvis to the floor with my hips square. But these days I focus more on getting the benefits of the pose instead of going all the way into the pose.

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Overcome Self-Sabotage

Posted on 3/19/2016 by Ashley Turner in yoga Ashley Turner Overcoming Self-Sabotage Reward Centers Self Affirmation

In the last 24 hours, I’ve had two different clients come to me with searing stories of self-sabotage. One of the women in my Prevention Magazine Yoga Weightloss test group posted that after 5 straight weeks of disciplined eating and exercising, right as we’re nearing the final round, she slipped back into old habits with a “reward” cookie or “cheat meal” here and there. “Why is my mind all of a sudden allowing this?” she asked.

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An Offering of Service

Posted on 3/19/2016 by Dana Damara in Yoga Sutras Dana Damara yoga Courage Glory Wisdom

I started thinking about this theme and remembered a quote from the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali Swami Satchidananda: You have all these things to equip yourself to serve others. You must have a bed to rest in to feel refreshed in the morning, to go out to serve others. You must eat to have enough energy to serve others. So you do everything with the idea that you are preparing yourself to serve others. So, even your Yogic meditation becomes a selfless action. That is what is meant by “Even with God do not have attachment”. This non-attachment alone is enough to change your entire life into a joyful one.

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Spring Equinox Yoga Practice

Posted on 3/18/2016 by Ashley Josephine in yoga Spring Alignment Ashley Josephine Spring Equinox

It’s that time of year again! Another season, another equinox. Another opportunity to reflect, set intentions, and commit to right action.

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Fuel Your Body, Pre and Post Yoga Eats

Posted on 3/9/2016 by YogaDownload .com in yoga Pre Yoga Snack Post Yoga Snack Fuel Your Body Almonds

We don’t know about you, but here at YogaDownload, if we haven’t fueled up properly before yoga, we’re not happy. You’ve probably heard that you should practice yoga on an empty stomach. Yoga has lots of twists and forward folds; so you don’t want to feel heavy or bloated. But, ensuring you have the requisite energy and stable blood sugar levels is vital to getting the most out of your time on the mat.

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How Yoga Has Helped Me with Uncertainty

Posted on 3/9/2016 by Ashley Josephine in yoga Chakras Community Ashley Josephine Friends

I thought I was getting okay at being uncomfortable. The universe decided otherwise. As I sit here writing this post, listening to the music of the chimes produced by a gentle breeze, serenaded by chirping birds and the rustle of squirrels playing in the bamboo, I look upon the back of my house.

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Establishment Politics in Yoga

Posted on 3/9/2016 by J. Brown in yoga Adam Hocke Yoga Alliance Regulation of Yoga

Last month, the Yoga Alliance announced a new policy regarding “yoga therapy terminology” that creates a significant new precedent. A lack of any public debate and transparency in the process has made it difficult to discern why exactly this was needed and what purpose it serves. Perhaps this explains why there has been almost no response from yoga teachers thus far. Or, more likely, people are just too turned off by the politics involved to care.

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How to Choose the Perfect Yoga Mat

Posted on 3/8/2016 by Tara Kestner in yoga Yoga Mat yoga tips

People often ask me which yoga mat is the best, and while I can answer that question with absolute certainty for me, I think you have to consider all the variables.

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How Yoga Can Help Relieve Anxiety

Posted on 3/2/2016 by Benjamin Fry in yoga Anxiety Benjamin Fry Khiron House

Living with anxiety on a daily basis can be very difficult. If you’re suffering from anxiety after experiencing a traumatic event or you’ve lived with it your entire life, finding the best ways to cope or relieve anxiety isn’t always easy.

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Essential Sequence: Stretch into Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

Posted on 2/23/2016 by Jason Crandell in poses yoga Stretching Jason Crandell Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana Supta Padangusthasan

WHY THIS SEQUENCE WORKS Nothing beats a good side-bending practice. And, truthfully, the recipe for the classic posture Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana is simple: the practice needs to focus on stretching the hamstrings, adductors, and the sides of the torso (which are largely comprised of the lats, obliques, and the quadratus lumborum). The sequence above sticks to these three basic focal points. Let’s break it down a little further:

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A Yogic Perspective on Death

Posted on 2/22/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Ashley Josephine health yoga Soul Immortality

It’s a heavy subject and one most Americans don’t feel comfortable contemplating. And yet, it’s the only ultimate truth in the world. And one we have very little control over. So it’s funny that we spend most of our lives trying to control everything around us. For peace. For happiness. For health. These are the reasons we often cite for why we do what we do. Why we believe what we believe.

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Why Yoga's One of the Best Workouts You Can Do

Posted on 2/22/2016 by Megan Zsaa in yoga Workout Megan Zsaa De-Stress Feeling and Looking Great

So, what was your New Year’s resolution for 2016? If you’ve yet to break it (good on you, by the way!), let us help you smash it – and the rest of your fitness goals – this month and beyond.

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Yoga to Detoxify and Rejuvenate

Posted on 2/18/2016 by YogaDownload .com in yoga Spring Rejuvenate Detoxify

Spring is approaching! It’s the time when our homes feel lighter and brighter after we purge all the junk and unnecessary clutter we tend to amass over the winter months.

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Virgo Full Moon (Monday - 2/22/16) : Harvesting the Wisdom of the Night Goddess

Posted on 2/17/2016 by Alanna Kaivalya in health yoga Alanna Kaivalya self-care Virgo Full Moon Well-being Fruits of Labor

Virgo, the great goddess of the night sky, embodies the properties of nurturing, self-care and cleanliness. Often misunderstood as simply, “the virgin,” Virgo gives us much richer feminine qualities than the sanitized virginal element she is often believed to represent. This Virgo Full Moon invites us to explore the most potent qualities of the feminine (regardless of our gender identity) and let go of those overdone, negative qualities that are passé, such as, martyrdom, self-criticism and control…these things always get in the way of our fullest expression and leave us fearful of simply being who we are, which Virgo energy calls us to be.

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