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Fall Equinox Seasonal Check In

Posted on 9/28/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Perspective Self Reflection Svadhyaya Ashley Josephine Fall Equinox Seasonal Check In Seasonal Changes

Roughly every three months, the season changes. In some places in the world seasonal changes are quite evident. It others, it feels the same for most of the year. I’ve always been a fan of seasons because I like variety. With each new season brings a change in perspective, whether we consciously think about it or not. New fresh fruits and vegetables, new available activities, new temperatures, new clothing to meet those temperatures and associated forms of precipitation, new colors.

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Stand in Courage

Posted on 1/6/2015 by Dana Damara in Courage Self Reflection

Whew … courage, what a word. I was told by one of my amazing teachers once that the word courage actually radiates the highest vibration when it comes to connecting with the Divine. That blew me away. It is one of the most powerful virtues, she said. Because it creates. It creates the next thing based on your decision to make a decision that best suits your development, if you are present that is.

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Spiritual Warrior

Posted on 11/5/2013 by Dana Damara in Self Reflection

I have been sitting here… for literally… THREE DAYS trying to blog. About what? I’m not sure! I must have started 10 blogs and not ONE was resonating with me! It all felt so ‘canned’. Last night I fell asleep on my computer! Apparently I thought that if I laid my face on the keyboard some magical inspiration would arise. The only thing that did happen was I woke up laughing and said out loud… “Damn, I am one helluva spiritual warrior!” So I decided to stop fighting and struggling to come up with something new this month. That will come later… I pulled this from my book, Oms from the Mat. Here’s an amazing reminder of what we ALL are inside and out.

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