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How To Create Your Success Story

Posted on 1/10/2017 by YogaDownload .com in Intentions Life Balance Priorities Featured Classes How To Create Your Success Story

What does success mean to you? How do you align your values, your intentions, and your priorities to achieve the life of your dreams while being your authentic self? To create success with a yogic mindset, try meditation to clear your mind and allow your deepest dreams and desires to rise to the surface. Rather than focusing on the object of your desire, meditate to quiet the chatter in your mind and surrender to the process of discovering your true intentions and dreams. Are they personal? professional? health-related? We’re all different and at any given time, certain areas of our life shift to the forefront.

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For the Mompreneurs Who Want it All

Posted on 4/20/2015 by Hayley Hobson in Exercise Mompreneur Date Nights Priorities Efficiency Outsource

If I were to ask you what a working Mom looks like, would you imagine power suit and latte, or something picked out from last weeks laundry and sippy cup? The truth is, most of us are somewhere in-between, wishing we were polished and hoping no one noticed the stains, yet somehow we make it happen. This is my life as a Mompreneur.

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