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Magic of Yoga

Posted on 9/19/2017 by J. Brown in Magic of Yoga J Brown Yoga Practice Yoga Teachers

In the post-lineage void of the current yoga scene, conversations around safety and improving the quality of yoga teacher-training often turn to biomechanics for solutions. However, replacing one arbitrary imposition on our bodies with another does not address the real issues. Fostering safer spaces for practice, or creating any sort of positive change in our bodies, will likely require new understanding based on a broader range of possibilities and ideas.

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Bring Magic Into Your Home Practice

Posted on 12/6/2016 by Elaine Clara Mah in home yoga practice Online Yoga Magic of Yoga benefits of yoga Practice Yoga ROKU Sacred Space

The recent Harry Potter yoga class took the Internet by storm, with participants pictured holding a wand as they practiced different yoga poses. They also had a sorting hat and listened to passages from the Deathly Hallows! While we might find it hard to find or attend a Harry Potter class, we can certainly bring some magic into our own home yoga practice. The Griffyndor wizards at have just the right tips for you to work your magic into your own practice!

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Yoga Magic - Falling into Place

Posted on 1/22/2013 by Chelsea Cunningham in Magic of Yoga Meaning of Yoga

The magical stories you have heard about yoga are true. Yoga can be a magnet for the things you dream of. Unfortunately, it is not a fairy dust you can sprinkle on your mat. The shifts do not come overnight. And, you cannot simply mutter a Sanskrit mantra for your hopes to manifest. It is a journey of work, of love, and of intense self-reflection. It takes "tapas" - the yogic ethical concept of discipline and austerity. For many people yoga is nothing more than a fancy workout, or maybe a few calm moments of de-stressing or elaborate stretching. However, yoga is much more. It is a science, a wellness system, a lifestyle, a philosophy, and more than anything a path to clarity and joy. The beauty of yoga is that it is flexible to your life and needs. There is as infinite number of ways to practice as there are ways to interpret the meaning of the word.

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