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Sutra Yourself: New Classes for Yoga's Core Teachings

Posted on 7/18/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Yoga Sutras Yoga Teacher Training Alanna Kaivalya The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training

Hello from YogaDownload! We have 4 exclusive new classes to share with you, going back to the core teachings of yoga. The 2000 year-old Sutras (Sanskrit for “threads”) are timeless truisms that brings you closer to your practice. The classes are all offered by the same teacher – and you need to meet this person. She gives us butterflies. Everyone from Ana Forest to Rodney Yee to Yoga Journal has sung her praises. Her books are bestsellers, her workshops sell out all over the world and millions of people adore her music. She is a true yoga scholar, an expert on the sutras, mythology, the anatomy of the body and the creative expression of the practice.

As a teacher, she doesn’t just tell you what pose to do next – she takes you deeper into your practice. Igniting your own sense of discovery, trust in your body, opening new pathways within your muscles and inspiring you to love the time you spend on your mat.

If you don’t know Alanna Kaivalya, we have 4 brand new ways to meet her. Discover the sutras, give yourself the power to discern what’s right for you, learn to give it all away and unleash your personal truth.

And there is no one we trust more to help you become a yoga teacher. Alanna leads our 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Certification course – and if you have any questions about that, be sure to sign up for her next webinar. She’ll talk through your questions and concerns, like:

  How do I know if I’m ready to start a Yoga Teacher Training?

  How does one-on-one mentorship and feedback work within this online program?

  How will I practice hands on physical adjustments and demonstrate my teaching skills?

  What happens after I become certified?

If you’ve been considering our Yoga Teacher Training – join this webinar. If not, you’ll still swoon for these creative classes.