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May Your Heart (And Belly) Be Full

Posted on 11/22/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Holiday Meditation Meditation Gratitude Attitude of Gratitude Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends! We’re here to help you kick off the day mindfully. Before the company gets here, take 10 minutes for yourself to get grounded in a moment of thankfulness – that’s what today is all about, right? Root down by sitting or standing in a place that feels comfortable, and spend a few moments gathering all your favorite people and places and foods and pleasures in your heart. Sometimes it’s easiest to start a meditation with “I am grateful for…”

Gratitude is proven to alleviate stress, increase optimism and impart joy. While it’s human nature to stew over what we think we’re missing from our lives, simply putting our focus on everything we DO have helps us feel abundant, strong and purposeful. From our hearts to our heads to our hands. This is your big pot of gratitude. Go ahead and give it a stir.

We are so grateful for you. Here are four new classes to tap into your abundance and gratitude. Now go out and enjoy your time with the people who matter.

Christen Bakken - Lessons From the Ladies: Ma Lakshmi

Named after the goddess of abundance, this class reinforces her lessons: that we are so provided for, we have value, we have worth, and within each of us is an abundant source of joy, peace, beauty and love. Tap in.

Alanna Kaivalya - Gratitude Meditation Practice

Because, let’s face it, gratitude does take practice– get in the mood with this 10 minute daily meditation to inspire thanks.

Claire Petretti Marti - Yoga for a Great Full Heart

Set to the tunes of Brett Randell's soulful live vocals and guitar, rock out in this sweaty, playful flow designed to create more physical and emotional space in your body for gratitude.

Elise Fabricant - Reset Refuge: Bliss Out and Be Blessed

Relax and recover from the holiday in this 30-minute restorative class that combines a gentle flow with hip openers, twists, self massage, pranayama and mudra. Allow yourself to receive all of the juiciness this practice will bring to your mind, body and soul.