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Bean & Sauerkraut Salad

Posted on 9/25/2017 by Candace Moore in Candace Moore Healthy Gut Sauerkraut & Bean Salad Healthy Salad

This salad definitely packs its own nutrient-rich punch. First, let's talk bacteria. Don't worry. It's the good kind! Over the past couple of years, I have been reading up on benefits of gut health. Though I've long known that probiotics are beneficial to the gut, I figured that yogurt and expensive probiotic pills were the only way to go. Soon, I became hip to additional foods that can improve gut health.

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life: Everyday Yamas

Posted on 9/22/2017 by Yoga Download

This week, we’re thrilled to introduce a new series of classes + program from YogaDownload superstar teacher, Kristin Gibowicz, that marry ancient wisdom with your daily life. Everyday Yamas will guide you through the five Yamas in an accessible way.

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Magic of Yoga

Posted on 9/19/2017 by J. Brown in Magic of Yoga J Brown Yoga Practice Yoga Teachers

In the post-lineage void of the current yoga scene, conversations around safety and improving the quality of yoga teacher-training often turn to biomechanics for solutions. However, replacing one arbitrary imposition on our bodies with another does not address the real issues. Fostering safer spaces for practice, or creating any sort of positive change in our bodies, will likely require new understanding based on a broader range of possibilities and ideas.

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Virgo New Moon: Healing Old Wounds and Embracing Our Shadow

Posted on 9/18/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Alchemical Ritual Astrological Reading Virgo New Moon

The Virgo new moon on September 20, 2017, brings with it the opportunity for us to resolve the thing that most holds us back: our core wounds. Each of us has buried within the shadow of our psyche a core wound that holds us back, keeps us playing small, and prevents us from realizing our full potential.

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When Fear Has You In Its Grip

Posted on 9/14/2017 by Kate Marolt in Fearless Kate Marolt Mindfulness

Let’s get real about fear. Fear has been on my mind and in my heart. All the ways in which we experience fear, are taught to deal with (or avoid) fear, false expectations around fearlessness, and so much more. I’ve been holding hands with fear a lot lately. Sometimes it’s a firm, solid hand hold, and sometimes it feels like fear is trying to break my fingers and crush my hand. It’s so interesting being a human. I’ve tried so many different things to get rid of fear- avoiding it, seeking it out, making choices based on it or in spite of it, saying a lot of positive affirmations, focusing on love and light, pretending it doesn’t exist- you name it, I’ve tried it.

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Raw Blueberry Pie

Posted on 9/14/2017 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Dairy Free Healthy and Happy Raw Blueberry Pie

Good for boosting brain health, combating effects of aging, low on the glycemic index and high in fiber, blueberries are a superfood with a far-reaching benefits. This time of year, fresh blueberries make a great snack, but we love them year-round in our smoothies, and in today’s decadent but guilt-free, gluten-free, dairy-free pie.

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Keep Calm and Carry On

Posted on 9/14/2017 by Yoga Download

"Your strength is in your calmness, in the clarity for your mind. Strength comes from putting the negative aside without reacting. Win in calmness, in consciousness, in balance."

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Align the Mind

Posted on 9/13/2017 by Ashley Josephine in Mind Body Connection Alignment Align the Mind Ashley Josephine

Alignment is a buzz word these days in the yoga world. Since more and more people are practicing yoga, and more people are speaking out about how yoga has injured them in the past, instructors and practitioners alike are concerned about safety. And that’s a good thing. But for all the talk about alignment as it refers to the body, what about the alignment of our thoughts, decisions, and actions?

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Raw Nut Butter Cups

Posted on 9/10/2017 by Corinne Marabel in Healthy Fats AVeganKitchen Raw Nut Butter Cups Nut Butters

Using nut butter is a great way to make sure you're getting your fill of healthy fats every day. This recipe not only uses peanut butter, or your choice of nut butter but it also incorporates coconut oil and almonds among other great sources of good fats! And oh my god, are they delicious!

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9 Ridiculous Reasons You “Can’t” Do Yoga

Posted on 9/9/2017 by Yoga Download

September is National Yoga Month, and if you’ve been curious about how this ancient practice can benefit your modern life, it’s the perfect time to put away excuses. There are a lot of reasons people think they can’t do yoga - and every single one is ridiculous. So we’re debunking the most popular excuses, and offering a special beginner’s bundle that proves yoga is really for every body.

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9 Simple Ways to Live Authentically (Even When Life is Messy)

Posted on 9/6/2017 by Frosina Angjelkoska in Authenticity Practice of Seeking Finding Freedom Living With Authenticity

As I’m approaching 30, I often find myself pondering on living authentically. What does being authentic mean? How do I know if the life I’m leading is authentic? Am I happy with the person I’ve become? Finally, is authenticity overrated? And if you’re anything like me, your train of thought may be similar.

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Yoga Tips For a Healthy Back

Posted on 9/4/2017 by Sienna Smith in Yoga for Back Pain Healthy Back Yoga Therapy

Over 50% of all working Americans report having back pain each year. That's 5 out of 10 of you will have back pain this year! As a yoga therapist and a teacher of thousands of public yoga classes over the last 16 years I see many people with poor alignment, and the inability to flex, extend and twist their spine normally.

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Pisces Full Moon: Swimming in Spiritual Waters

Posted on 9/3/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Alchemical Ritual Astrological Reading Spiritual Guide Pisces Full Moon

The mystical full moon in Pisces is the culmination of months of energy that began building with the Pisces new moon and solar eclipse that occurred earlier this year on February 24, 2017. On that date, we planted seeds in the psyche that blossomed our desire for transcendence, spiritual connection, and oneness. Pisces energy encourages us to swim in the waters of the unconscious, and after the recent eclipse events in August, many of us likely still are!

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