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Five Ways to Expand Your Practice with Partner Yoga

Posted on 9/21/2012 by Amy Baglan in Partner Yoga

For most of us, our yoga practice is a very personal thing. We come to our mat to get out of our heads and into our body, to ignite that inner fire and cultivate inner peace. Some days we can go to a class and leave without saying much more than “hello, namaste, and goodbye”.

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26 Ways to Bring More Balance Into Your Life

Posted on 9/10/2012 by Alex Cordoba in balance healthy living

I always think as the summer’s sun begins to wane and the cooler autumn’s air begins to descend upon us, it means that things are going to slow down, that life is going to calm down and with that, so too will my list of things to do. But year after year, this has not been the case, at least with my life. This year, more so than most, I find myself needing to seek balance more than ever. So, inspired by my teacher‘s invitation, different however from my own, as the heat of the summer moves into the ‘desired’ introspection and cooler air of Fall, my invitation for you is to seek balance between all that is still calling you outward and your body’s need now to begin its’ journeying within; to do not what you feel you have to but to do begin now to do that which truly nourishes and rejuvenates your soul. Not sure how to do this? Feeling a little all over the place? Spread too thin? Not sure where to even begin?

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