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How to rebound after vacation

Posted on 7/31/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in 80:20 Bounce Back How to Rebound after vacation Losing weight after vacation Staying healthy this Summer

Everywhere I go right now, it seems as though women are stopping me, gesturing to their mid-section and saying, “Ugh, I feel so gross right now. How do I get back on track?”

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Yoga is absolutely ordinary

Posted on 7/31/2015 by Adam Hocke in yoga Postures Mat joyful speed intensity Adam Hocke

My daily yoga practice is absolutely ordinary. It is as ordinary and common place as brushing my teeth.

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Posted on 7/31/2015 by Dana Damara in love Relationships Venus in Retrograde Goddess

This word, oh this word. Since it came into my awareness over 10 days ago, I feel like I have been rung through the ringer. And I’m not alone either! I’ve been holding space for emails, Facebook messages, texts and phone calls from people going through the same thing … Relationship issues.

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Super Green Smoothie Bowl

Posted on 7/26/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in Protein Chlorella fresh peaches green smoothie bowl healthy breakfast ideas local peaches

By now you know we’re HUGE fans of green smoothies! They’re nature’s “fast food,” especially when enjoyed on the fly in our favorite to-go container, the mason jar.

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Don't Overthink it: Effective Methods to Find True Peace of Mind

Posted on 7/24/2015 by sarah stringer in Meditation Exercise Massage Piece of Mind Therapist Do Something Fun

Paying bills, taking care of kids, going to work… life can be very stressful at times to the point you feel like you just want to scream. With the various events that happen throughout the course of the day the mind can begin to race constantly wondering what to do. If you’ve been feeling bogged down lately, or have perhaps been over thinking every scenario happening in your life, then it may be time for you to come to terms with reality and find true peace of mind.

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Jalapeño Strawberry Margarita

Posted on 7/24/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in detox retox 80:20 Conscious Cocktails easy tequila recipe Jalapeño Strawberry Margarita

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a new Conscious Cocktail!

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And Now for Something completely different: reality

Posted on 7/23/2015 by Michelle Marchildon in yoga Reality material world enlightenment michelle marchildon

Are we working out? Or are we working in? When I was asked what I’d like to see in a yoga magazine, I said without hesitation: Reality.

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Posted on 7/22/2015 by Dana Damara in Foundation Stability Security Infinite

The other day, I’m in the car with my youngest daughter and she asks me, “Mom, is there an end to the sky?” And I said … “Um no honey. It’s infinite.” And she says … “Infinite… like energy?” And I say, “Yup, just like that.” And she sat there for quite awhile looking up and out of the sunroof. As if she was trying to figure it all out.

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Dry Rub Grilled Chicken Wings

Posted on 7/16/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in Chicken Wings Dry Rub Chicken Wings Grilled Chicken Wings Healthy Chicken Wings Paleo Wings

Summer is in full swing and between the smell of sunscreen and barbeque, it’s no mystery that grilling season is upon us!

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Unfolding Time with Vedic Astrology

Posted on 7/16/2015 by Tracy Atkinson in Meditation yoga Ayurveda Vedic Astrology Vedas

What is Vedic Astrology? Jyotisha, or Vedic astrology, is the ancient astrology of India. It has an unbroken lineage going back over five thousand years. Jyotisha is derived from the Sanskrit word Jyoti meaning “light”. Thus, Jyotisha is often referred to as the science of light, for it helps us to see the past, present and future clearly as well as giving us insight into who we are and how to best actualize our potential.

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Common Confusing Yoga Cues and What not to do

Posted on 7/16/2015 by Ashley Josephine in Alignment Bridge Pose Chatarunga Dandasana Hyperextension Downward facing Dog

There are plenty of funny articles online about the weird things you hear yoga teachers say, and I’ll admit I’m an offender on some of them.

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The need to know

Posted on 7/15/2015 by Dana Damara in Unknown truth Universe Miracle Pattern

“You don’t have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step” – said a very wise man named Martin Luther King Jr. So very, very true.

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Mediterranean Summer Salad with goat cheese feta

Posted on 7/14/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in 80:20 Mediterranean Summer Salad Summer Salad Roundup Tomatoes

As a team here at the Conscious Cleanse we’ve been talking about our favorite summertime salads and we knew we had to share them with you.

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The Top 10: Your Fave Online Yoga Classes

Posted on 7/14/2015 by Yoga Download in yoga top 10

We have thousands of classes, whether you’re looking for a specific teacher or anatomical focus or just want to see what’s out there. These are the classes you gravitate to the most – your top downloads this year. Try them all to see what your fellow YogaDownloaders are loving!

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To tuck or not tuck your tailbone: What to tilt when

Posted on 7/9/2015 by Ashley Josephine

I know you’ve heard it before. I’ve said it before. But what does it really mean to tuck your tailbone? When you should you tuck and when shouldn’t you? And can you tuck your tailbone too much? Yes, yes you can.

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Svadhyaya or the art of courageous self-inquiry

Posted on 7/9/2015 by Wendy Reese in Courage Svadhyaya self-study honest abandonment

There was a moment in my life when I realized that I couldn’t blame anyone else for what I was experiencing, feeling, or doing. Every action was mine alone and until I owned that, I would remain out of control.

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Pros and Cons of Yoga Teacher Training

Posted on 7/7/2015 by J. Brown in Yoga Teachers 200-hour standard Old-school practitioners J. Brown Yoga

Yoga teachers don't really make a living off teaching yoga classes anymore. Many rely upon conducting yoga teacher training. But contrary to popular belief, this trend may have less to do with the business or marketing inclinations of yoga teachers and more to do with the purchasing and study habits of the yoga-going public.

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Vanilla Custard Fruit Tart

Posted on 7/7/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in 80:20 recipe Dairy Free Fruit Tart Gluten free Fruit Tart Paleo Fruit Tart

When I first met my husband, he showed up to a BBQ with a gorgeous gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free fruit tart just for me.

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Posted on 7/3/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in 80:20 Cleansing Kiwitini Conscious Cocktail detox retox Kiwi-Tini TGIF Conscious Detox

It’s Friday and that means it’s Conscious Cocktail time!

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How to manifest what you want (and why positive thoughts aren't enough

Posted on 7/2/2015 by Teresa Bigelow in The Secret love Universe Keep Yourself Healthy

It seems like ever since The Secret hit shelves, everyone from housewives to college students to investment bankers are evangelists of the positive thinking movement.

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Why I Move

Posted on 7/2/2015 by Adam Hocke in Meditation Savasana Adam Hocke Downward-facing dog basic goodness

I continually ask myself and reconsider what I’m actually doing and teaching others to do in asana. I often refer back to the great teachers on what they have to say. Beyond the mechanics of making shapes, there is, for me, a profound process under way.

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