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A Smoothie Bowl (Raspberry, Chocolate And Spiced Almond)

Posted on 6/29/2017 by Corinne Marabel in Smoothie Recipe Smoothie Bowl AVeganKitchen Raspberry and Chocolate Spiced Almond Smoothie healthy breakfast ideas

This morning I really wasn’t planning on making anything overly fancy. If I’m going to be honest I really just imagined myself making a nice bowl of oats and leaving it at that. However, as soon as I turned on last nights recording of Vice (a documentary series that is probably the best thing on TV at the moment) I figured I would be in the kitchen for a while so I may as well mix things up a bit and step away from my usual oats. So instead, I began chopping up some nuts, and fruit and quickly realized that what I was going to end up with was something exciting and created possibly the most delicious breakfast I have ever made!

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15 Reasons Why You Should Add Yoga to Your Exercise Routine

Posted on 6/29/2017 by Matt Evans in Mindfulness Strength benefits of yoga Flexibility 15 Reasons Why You Should Do Yoga

You might be thinking, you already go to the gym, so why should you include yoga into your exercise routine, isn’t that just for relaxing? Although it is a fantastic way of finding some headspace and letting go of any stress in your body, yoga can dramatically improve your gym workouts. The perfect partner to any type of exercise, whether it’s cardio or weight training, it can boost your performance in the gym and enhance your overall fitness. The word itself actually means ‘union’, so think of yoga as the perfect union between health and fitness.

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Set Yourself Free!

Posted on 6/28/2017 by Yoga Download in Freedom

What does freedom mean to you? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Does freedom need to be granted to you by a higher power? Or, can we cultivate a sense of freedom from the inside out by shifting our perception, by working to release fear that weighs us down and prevents us from living our life to the fullest?

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Essential Sequence: Learn to Love Camel Pose

Posted on 6/22/2017 by Jason Crandell in Jason Crandell Essential Sequence Camel Pose Learn to Love Camel Pose Ustrasana

Students who love Ustrasana praise the pose for the way it opens the shoulders, chest and upper-back. And, they’re right. Ustrasana is hard to beat when it comes to extending the thoracic spine. Students who loathe Ustrasana invariably complain about discomfort in the neck and lower back. They’re also right. It can be tough to do Ustrasana without creating excessive compression in your lower back and neck.

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Grilled Fennel with Olives and Herbs

Posted on 6/21/2017 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Clean Eating 80:20 Grilled Fennel with Olives and Herbs

Today’s recipe is cleanse-friendly and can be easily modified to stay within the guidelines of Purification. Simply omit the olives if you want to be a purist–or keep them in and consider them part of what’s easing you off of your Purification.

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Strive for Balance

Posted on 6/20/2017 by Yoga Download in balance

"Extremes are easy, strive for balance." ~ Colin Wright

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Hearts Full of Love

Posted on 6/16/2017 by Yoga Download

“It's about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” Wonder Woman from the awesome new movie. Love is a superhero power!

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Cancer New Moon (06/23/2017): Nurturing the Highest Good & Choosing the Light

Posted on 6/15/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya New Moon Alchemical Ritual Astrological Reading New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer on June 23, 2017 is an opportunity for us to tap into our inner self and discover more about who we are and what serves our highest good. Hidden in the watery depths of the unconscious is the precious source of our greatest wisdom. As the mother of the sky, and ruler of our divine feminine nature (regardless of gender), Cancer represents our potential to utilize our emotions as nurturing guides signaling which direction to move next. When we pay attention, the unconscious speaks. We just need to understand the language. The most basic communication comes through emotion, and most easily understood as “good” feelings or “bad” feelings. 

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What You Really Need to Love Yourself

Posted on 6/15/2017 by Kate Marolt in Self-Love Acceptance Kate Marolt What You Really Need to Love Yourself

These days there are so many articles and courses and books out there trying to teach us how to be happy, how to love ourselves, and what we have to do in order to feel free and successful. And don’t get me wrong, I love this- I love the way we as a collective are beginning to focus on self-growth, self-knowledge, and self-love. What I don’t love though, is that there is often a step that is missing from these books and articles and courses. A step that is absolutely crucial to take on the path of self-love and learning to love ALL parts of you.

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Writing As A Tool For Mindfulness

Posted on 6/15/2017 by Mary Walton in Yoga and Writing Yoga for Writers Writing as a Tool for Mindfulness Self-Reflection

There's many people who used to keep diaries and journals when they were teenagers. It was a way of expressing your anxiety and issues with the world at large. Why, then, do most of them drop the habit when they grow up?

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Middle Eastern Chickpea Burgers

Posted on 6/14/2017 by Rebecca Katz in Easy Recipe Nutritious Vegetarian Middle Eastern Chickpea Burgers

These chickpea burgers are similar to a Middle Eastern falafel. This isn’t like the Americanized version of falafel that resembles carnival food deep-fried in some unhealthy oil. That’s a culinary crime, because falafel done right is so delicious and nutritious. It’s all in the blend. Here the secret ingredient is basmati rice, which holds the chickpea mixture together and creates a complete protein. I love the mini-burger concept; the whole wheat bun is like putting falafel in a top hat and tails, perfect for folks who like the taste of beans when they’re broken down and combined with heady herbs and spices. Gently pan-seared or baked, these burgers are bountiful bites of health.

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Quick And Simple Must-Know Asanas for Good Posture

Posted on 6/12/2017 by Vineetha Reddy in Asana Postures Yoga Practice Yoga for Posture

Did you know that the right body posture can make you look taller, slimmer, and more confident? Thanks to our hectic schedules, our mind and body are always tired. Most of us slouch over our desks, straining our backs in the process. The constant stress and pressure make it really hard for you to maintain a good posture. When your body is in the ideal position, everything else is comfortable. However, accommodating time for a workout or exercise is stressful when your timetable is blocked by work. What if I told you that without wasting much of your day, you could do a few yoga asanas that can make a difference? Read on to know more.

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Ignite Your Power Chakra

Posted on 6/8/2017 by Yoga Download

Our core is our center—physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s vital to keep our spine healthy, our abs strong, and cultivate our prana from our navel center. Learn to utilize the wisdom of yoga to become your most confident, decisive, and happy self. Diving into subtle body anatomy, specifically balancing your Manipura or navel Chakra can empower your life. This week, we’ve got four new classes and a previously released class to get you started.

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Carob Cashew Raw Balls

Posted on 6/7/2017 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse 80:20 recipe Raw Chocolate Clean Eating 80:20 Carob Cashew Raw Balls

Today’s recipe was created by culinary master Leslie White from Zeal Food here in Boulder. This decadent sweet treat was the closing morsel of yumminess that completed our cleanse-friendly meal last week, and people have been talking about it since.

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New Discipline in Yoga

Posted on 6/5/2017 by J. Brown in J Brown Yoga Yoga Practice Discipline

The novelty of yoga has been worn down to almost nothing by a multi-billion dollar industry that cares little for its tenets, like the crumbling shreds of a shoddily made pvc mat from China. But from out of the ashes of craven images and advertising schemes, a new discipline is emerging.

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Full Moon in Sagittarius (06/09/2017): Discovering Your Personal Myth

Posted on 6/5/2017 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Connection Alchemical Ritual Astrological Reading June Astrology Full Moon in Sagittarius

A full moon in Sagittarius on June 9, 2017 encourages us to explore the realm of the religious function of our psyche. Often overlooked, or pushed aside in favor of science and certainty, this mystical heart of our being is bereft of attention. Because of a lack of connection to a personal mythology, we suffer from constant overwhelm of life’s circumstances, and an unknowing of how to make sense of them. 

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5 Reasons People Doing HIIT Should Also Do Yoga

Posted on 6/1/2017 by Orian Tal in benefits of yoga yoga for athletes Strengthen Fitness HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training—often just called HIIT for short—is working its way into fitness enthusiast’s workout schedules everywhere, and not without good reason. In fact, Dr. Axe shares many different benefits of HIIT in addition to better physical fitness, a couple of which include its anti-aging effects and support of healthier levels of hormones like ghrelin (which affects your eating patterns) and leptin (the hormone responsible for making you feel full).

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